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Anyone tried Time Matters with GTD?

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  • Anyone tried Time Matters with GTD?

    Hi All,

    I've been looking at the video demos for Time Matters (, and I've ordered the software demo so that I can try it out. So far, it looks like this would work really well as a GTD implementation. The "Matters" section sounds like projects to me, and the custom tabs for Todo lists looks like it would be excellent for creating/managing action lists. There are also "alerts" which sound the same as ticklers, you can apparently generate todos/events/meetings/etc from email and so on.

    So, has anyone here tried this and/or is using this set up themselves? If so, would you mind sharing your thoughts on the pros and cons?


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    Time Matters

    I have been using Time Matters for about 2 years. Overall I have to say it is one of the better software packages out there. It is flexible, synch's well with the palm, etc. I love the ability to group To Do's and Events by creating customized Tabs. The interface is excellent.

    However, I am still disappointed in the "Projects" section or what they call "Matters". You can group your To Do's, Events, emails, etc. under a "Project". However there is NO quick way to see how many To Do's are within the project, what percent of the Tasks are compete, etc. For me this is a must. I would also like to have the ability to have undated To Do's, and convert To Do's to appointements for implementing GTD.


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      Re: Time Matters

      Originally posted by Matt
      and convert To Do's to appointements for implementing GTD.
      Hi, Matt. If you have the To Do open, and click on Ctrl-Shift-V a new event form will open up. (Ctrl-Shift-P for Phone Record, Ctrl-Shift-N for Note, Ctrl-Shift-E for E-Mail, Ctrl-Shift-C for contact).

      If you can't do this, then make sure it is set up under your user setup. Under each form, there is an option to always use extended inheritance from to dos.