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  • Information Managers for Mac

    I am planning to switch to a MacBook. I need an application written for the Mac OS that will organize my files, web-clippings, notes etc. I collect a lot of informaton for teaching, research, and preaching. I have been using Ultrarecall in Windows. The searching ability of Spotlight will not be enough. I also need a way to group items into categories or projects. Maybe some sort of tagging feature would work. What do you recommend? What about Tinderbox, Devonthink?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Yojimbo for Mac

    Take a look at Yojimbo by Bare Bones Software

    You can PDF web pages directly into the program (or simply bookmark). You can set-up categories on the side. It has its own search tool. You can also sync between multiple macs so your archives/bookmarks are the same on all your computers.

    PS You can store any type of file in it from any application that prints. Once installed, you can select print and then click on PDF, then save PDF to Yojimbo.


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      There are many programs that will meet you needs on the Apple OS side.

      The 2 that you mention have their followers, though other find them complicated or expensive. Nevertheless, Doug J over at DIY planner is a strong user of "Devonthink"

      For my own use I've used Curio:

      Beyond this look at version tracker plus take advantage of the trial periods.


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        I think Yojimbo and Curio are very elegant, but different, applications. I use Yojimbo for a lot of stuff. It is very, very good about making your data available in the form it went in, unlike a fair number of pim applications. I think of Curio as more of a brainstorming tool, but it can be used in lots of ways.

        DevonThink is very capable, but it requires too much discipline to set up and use, so I don't use it anymore. Mori is inexpensive and good, sort of sits between a pim and an outliner. Journler is donationware, and very good also, with very strong iLife integration.

        If I had to pick one app to start with, I would pick Yojimbo.


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          You could also look at Notebook by Circus Ponies -

          I use that and Yojimbo.


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   for OmniOutliner