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Is anyone using the DataViz Beyond Contacts for Palm?

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  • Is anyone using the DataViz Beyond Contacts for Palm?

    Great new palm application that looks like Outlook. Is anyone using it and has integrated GTD with it? Lots of potential. If you have not seen it, a trial can be downloaded at:

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    Probably no-one is using it yet, since it was just released. I would take a look at your current Palm-Outlook syncing and decide what you want:

    - are there other fields in Outlook that you really must have on your Palm? What are they?
    - do you use any Palm programs that interface with the built-in Palm apps, and if you do, can you do without the functionality?

    For me, I am pretty happy with the syncing that PocketMirror Pro gives me in the todo, datebook, and memo apps. I don't need coloured notes, alarms on todos, etc. But in the address book, I really needed more fields to be mapped to my Palm (3 addresses, multiple e-mail addresses, birthday field, etc.), and chose to go with KeyContacts a while back.

    Additionally, I have several Smartlist apps that add tasks and events into the built-in apps, and I like being able to access both my memos and my docs with WordSmith.



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      It's a shame that a third party (DataViz) can write a PalmOS app (Beyond Contacts) that integrates with Outlook more fully than Microsoft's own product - Pocket Outlook for Pocket PC - come on Microsoft - get on the ball, here!


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        Uninstalled it today...

        I was very excited about this product and was checking their site daily so I could download it right away. I installed the demo, used it for two days and then uninstalled it today.

        It's very cool that you can use folders and unlimited categories. But, for me, those features did not make up for these problems:

        1. Way too slow. Going to anything other than day view was painful.

        2. Too many clicks. Trying to get information off of a contact or to-do item would take 3 or 4 steps instead of the usual 1.

        3. I discovered I'm too used to datebk5 for looking ahead at what's coming up. Esp. the month view was just too slow and uninformative by comparison.

        The feature I was most excited about was the task list, and while all the fields are sync'd -- those extra fields do not show in views and can not be used for sorting or filtering, so really no big deal (for me, anyway.)

        Anyhow, just one opinion.


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          Beyond Contacts

          Tied it for 5 min and decided it wasn't for me.
          1. Entirely too much memory consumption
          2. Integrates nicely with Outlook but still can't see the memory investment when Pocket Mirror and Key Contacts get it done for less
          3. Lacking in optional features standard in DateBk5

          Just my 2 cents


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            Beyond contacts

            I'll have to agree with the previous 2 posts. I'll wait for Chapura to release "key suite " this summer. Beyond Contacts is too "clunky"



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              i too was excited - but after a trial of a day or so took it off my machine - outlook today only gives you 'today' - no days in advance....
              i'm afraid i'm used to datebk5 as well - customising colours/fonts, great calendar views etc - unfortunately beyond contacts doesn't add value to my outlook experience on the palm at all. keycontacts suite might be worth a look when it comes.
              cheers Helen


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                Beyond contacts

                I am using Beyond contacts for some weeks now. There are indeed some drawbacks:
                - speed (terrible if you want to jump from month to month, but better if you just use "go to")
                - No possibility of sync with multiple computers
                - No possibility of let your Palm overwrite Outlook (the other way around is possible).
                On the other hand, you don't have the problem with the limitation of categories Palm usually has.


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                  have been using keysuite since it came out about 6 weeks ago - it's a far superior product than dataviz - it really enhances the basic features of palm and it's relationship to outlook.