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GTD on Symbian / Nokia phones

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  • GTD on Symbian / Nokia phones

    Hello All!

    Maybe others have the same problem as me.
    I changed from Palm OS based phone to Nokia E70, which is a very good mobile, first-class communicator, but terrible PDA. (Much more cheaper with mobile contract than my Treo was, and has built-in wifi)
    Calendar could be used, but Todo and Notes applications do not support categories, and Nokia PC Sync does not sync categories.

    Now there are 2 third-party applications that try to extend the built-in PIM applications, the Papyrus and the AquaCalendar.
    I am trying both application paralell before I buy one. Both have good developer support and they are waiting for improvement requests and recommendations.

    Much bigger problem is that Nokia PC suite does not sync categories, so I can do GTD only on my mobile, I lost the possibility of using Outlook efficent. Maybe Nokia will solve this problem.

    I hope other GTD-ers using Symbian based phones try to send good ideas for developers, maybe we could get a very good PIM which fits to GTD as much as possible.

    Any other GTD related experiences relating to Symbian/Nokia?

    Papp Attila

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    Effective use of PIM on Nokia.

    Hello All,

    I am just a hardcore GTD user, not developer or sales man for Symbian software developers. This is only info for people like me who have to use Nokia phones and want to continue GTD on their phones.

    There is a new version of AquaCalendar ( that has very good category support for Tasks and Calendar on Nokia S60v3 devices.
    Switching from Palm to Nokia (Symbian) was very painful, but this third party PIM solves most of usability problems.

    Unfortunately Nokia PIMs do not sync categories with PC, and there is no usable Notes (memopad) application.



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      Doesn't Agendus work on Symbian?

      They have a full feature set. Try and click on Symbian link up to.



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        Originally posted by BigStory
        They have a full feature set. Try and click on Symbian link up to.

        Yes, but unfortunately only for UIQ, not for S60 3rd Edition, that is the operating system of the new Nokia phones.
        I hope Iambic will implement Agendus on S60v3 platform.



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          I've been using a Nokia E61 since June, and even though I'm quite satisfied with the "phone" functions, the PDA aspect (Calendar / Tasks) are lacking. I tried adding demo versions of 3rd party applications such as Aquacalendar, but I couldn't customize them to my liking, and found them more complicated to use than the equivalent Palm or WM applications.

          I thus decided to return back to Windows Mobile, mostly because of the full synchronization abilities (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes) including categories and custom fields. I just find the whole process more streamlined.

          I picked up an HTC S620 (T-mobile Dash in the US) and couldn't be happier. It's fast and snappy, small so that I can carry it with me everywhere, has QWERTY keyboard (it's my input device on the go) and with the addition of 3rd party software is perfect for GTD. The only program I've added actually is a software for my tasks called Oxios ToDo List v.6.1 (only costs 15$). This has all sorts of sorting abilities, just perfect.

          Overall, I was happy with many aspects of Symbian phones (robust, good battery life, great as phones) but decided it couldn't do GTD as well as a WM device...

          My 0.02$ ...


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            E61 Disappointment

            I agree completely. The E61 is a great phone, but the lack of categories, and very limited Blackberry sychronisation makes this a no-no platform for GTD.

            What a disappointment...


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              Why do you want to synchronize E61 and Blackberry???

              Originally posted by djleahy
              The E61 is a great phone, but the lack of categories, and very limited Blackberry sychronisation makes this a no-no platform for GTD.
              Why do you want to synchronize E61 and Blackberry???


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                What I mean is synching of tasks using the BB client.


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                  Wow, found this thread while searching "Nokia" on this forum.

                  I've dug up my "old" Nokia E61 from my drawer this morning, and started looking again whether I could get it to GTD. Seems like no new applications for Tasks are out, even 4 mths after my last post.

                  I have been using the HTC S-620 (Tmob Dash) daily, and it's been fabulous. Oxios ToDo list is perfect for GTD, it allows you to list items in each category separately, enter new tasks, modify or complete old ones. Then everything is seamlessly synchronized back into Outlook when you get home (I have it setup to do so over bluetooth with the touch of a button).

                  It's a shame because Nokias have some distinct benefits: they are great as phones, perfect reception, long battery life. The E61 also has a beautiful screen. But unfortunately, the software lets it down: 1) PC Suite doesn't sync categories and 2) the Tasks/Calendar application is really primitive.

                  Oh well. I've been considering putting the E61 on eBay, maybe this was its death straw.... Unless someone has an update on the software story, perhaps?


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                    Categories on Nokia s60 platform: let your vote count

                    Just as others in this forum, I'm quite frustrated about the fact that the Nokia s60 platform does not support syncing categories. I'm working with Papyrus now, which in its newest version works OK, but is far from perfect.

                    There is, however, a way to let Nokia know that you find this important, as they have opened a 'digg-style' site where they ask for suggestions for new features on the platform, and where other users can vote on these suggestions.

                    Someone, not myself, has asked for 'Full category support & sync for PIM apps', which is exactly what we need;

                    If we give it enough votes, it might attract some attention.

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                      Nokia can do categories now

                      I think many Nokia smartphone users struggle with this issue that Nokia does not natively support categories. I personally have since I left Palm some 3 and a half years ago.

                      In comes AquaCalendar and AquaSync from Pocket Torch. After spending 400 euros on a smartphone, admittedly it is not fun to have to spend more to recieve such basic functionality, but I happily forked over the money and now enjoy categories on my S60 3rd edition Nokia (E71).

                      Just wanted to let you know it worked well.


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                        GTDMobile free symbian GTD app looks great, any experiences?


                        screenshots with explanations:



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                          I have actually used it. Personally I like being able to put dates on my tasks - which helps me plan myself. With MobileGTD this is not really possible. However, if you are quite context-driven, then this little programme is good.

                          It is light, quick and has lots of short cut for the poweruser (very useful, actually). Worth a shot.


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                            Great to hear that.

                            The author has updated the site with a small screencast. The poweruser shortcuts are great.

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                              GTD on Nokia E71 with AquaCalendar


                              I also switched form Palm to a Nokia E71 and had to find a solution on how to get tasks in categories on the E71.
                              I use AquaCalendar and AquaSync ( .

                              This is how I set it up, it works like a charm and I am very pleased.

                              Install AquaSync on PC and Phone
                              Install AquaCalendar on Phone

                              On PC:
                              Start AquaSync (is done automatically at install)

                              Recategorize all Tasks in Outlook
                              1) Select all items in one category
                              2) Right click and select Categories: Clear categories, or unselect the category
                              3) Select the same items
                              4) Right click and select the category you want.
                              You will notice that all the items in that category now have the name of the category in the subject between brackets [your category]

                              Do this for all categories.

                              The [your category] is used by AquaSync/Calendar to sort the task in the right category.

                              On Phone
                              Start AquaSync.
                              This small program should always be running.

                              Start AquaCalendar
                              Goto Categories: Menu key, setup, categories
                              Rename the categories in AquaCalander to match the categories in Outlook

                              Syncronize info between PC and Phone

                              You will see in AquaCalendar that you now can browse through your action lists by context.

                              Have fun, Bernard
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