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Entourage and dated todos

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  • Entourage and dated todos

    Entourage and dated todos

    Dated todos donít show up on the calendar as far as I can tell.

    What do you think of just using all day events and linking it to a ďContextedĒ GTD todo?

    Itís a touch redundant but Iím not sure how to look at this.

    Maybe Iím not informed on how to use Entourage properly.

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    dated todo's in entourage are tasks

    you need to enter these as tasks -- then you can filter on date due.


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      To be clear, a dated todo does not show up on the calendar?

      I notice it will show up on selected calendar printouts.

      If this is the way it is, I find it to be odd, but what do I know?


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        Task/Calendar Concern

        Related to this is that the GTD white paper on Entourage says that you can drag a task to the all-day section of the calendar, but I have been unable to do this. Any suggestions?