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GTD & Blackberry & Lotus Notes

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  • GTD & Blackberry & Lotus Notes

    Here's a clever application for Blackberry users: S4BB recently released Next Action!, a replacement task application for the BlackBerry that claims to make it more GTD friendly.

    The web site indicates that this new task application will maintain compatibility with existing desktop applications, such as Outlook and Lotus Notes. I've not had the opportunity to verify this yet, but this sounds like a promising solution for BlackBerry users that use Lotus Notes (with or without eProductivity).

    Presently, many of my clients use Lotus Notes and a Palm-based device (e.g. Treo 650/700p) for their task management due to its simple interface and categories that make it easy to implement GTD.

    While I am not personally a BlackBerry user I understand that managing GTD-style categories with the BB can be a challenge. I'm curious to see if this product delivers on its promise.

    If anyone has first hand experience with this product, please post a comment.

    I hope this helps.

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    there is an older thread on this

    It does what it promises. But I've discovered I use the task list on the laptop much more than on a portable device.