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Which Blackberry?

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  • Which Blackberry?

    My company is providing me with a Blackberry. Here are the choices:

    8703e Sprint CDMA
    7520 Nextel iDen
    8700g T-Mobile GSM
    7105t T-Mobile GSM
    7100i Nextel iDen
    7120e Sprint CDMA

    Thumbs up/ Thumbs down?

    I am in NJ. How does Sprint compare to Nextel compare to T-Mobile?

    What is the difference between CDMA, iDen and GSM?


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    A few things to consider

    There are a few things to consider in this decision.

    Do you travel much internationally? (Europe/Asia) If so, I would definitely recommend one of the T-mobile units, as the GSM technology they're based upon is more widespread throughout the world.

    Another thing to consider is the type of use you expect to have. If you expect to be sending a lot of email, you might want to go towards one of the models with full QWERTY keyboards (either the 8700s or the 7500s). The 7100s have a SureType keyboard, which is kind of a cross between a QWERTY and a standard phone keypad, using a predictive text engine for multiple letters per button.

    As far as the local coverage, I can't comment, but those two things are things to consider first.


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      I've had a T-Mobile 8700G for about 6 months. Works well in the U.S., U.K., Western Europe and Singapore which is where I've used it. Since its GSM based, it should work elsewhere except for Japan.

      iDen - Unique to Nextel, used to give Nextel that familiar Push-To-Talk
      feature. Now a legacy technology.
      CDMA - Dominates the U.S. and a variation in Japan. Completely
      incompatible with GSM. Some say it is a better technology than
      GSM - Most popular standard outside the U.S. Cingular/ATT, T-Mobile are
      major US carriers with GSM.

      From a strictly U.S. perspective, Verizon gives you the best coverage but you'll need to get another phone to roam outside the U.S., Cingular is better than T-Mobile but its international coverage is weaker than T-Mobile, and T-Mobile generally works but you'll find spots where the other carriers have far better coverage in certain cases. I've used T-Mobile for close to ten years now with few complaints.

      Good luck!


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        Recommend one with a full keyboard. My preference is either of the 8700 depending on what carrier you want. If you travel internationally, the T-Mobile or Cingular is the way to go. If primarily in the states, anyone of the big 4 (T-Mo, Sprint-Nextel, Verizon, and Cingular) will get the job done. Pick the one you have best service with in your home territory. In a major metro area, you would have pretty good service amongst the big 4. I've used my BB flawlessly in the states, Europe and Asia (T-Mo) but have a Sprint phone with a nice plan for the US.


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          Thanks for the advice everyone. I put in my request for the 8700e. When I get it I'll have to figure out how to "GTD" it.