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Power supply for Brother PT65 labeller

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  • Power supply for Brother PT65 labeller

    I have just acquired a Brother PT 65 labeller. Unfortunately, the otherwise excellent office supply company don't stock the power supply. Three questions:
    - How long can I expect 6 shiny new Duracell batteries to last?
    - where can I find a power supply in the UK?
    - How much will it cost?


    Fat Balding Accountant

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    I have a PT-65 and if I'm not mistaken, it's battery-powered only.

    At first, this was a big con but after seeing it discounted for $20 retail, I couldn't resist the temptation to have fun filing!



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      In desperation I went to the company web site. There is a £5 charger. No official retailers within 30 miles, though! and the on-line suppliers don't seem to carry it.


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        PT-65 battery life

        I've used a similar Brother labeler for several years. It too uses 6 AA batteries and I think I've had to replace them once, max.


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          Re: Power supply for Brother PT65 labeller

          I bought a PT-1900 and went nuts labelling everything in sight -- but haven't had to replace batteries yet.


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            PTouch battery life

            I have been using different pt2300 (8-AA) - and was concerned about chewing up batteries as well. Before I could find a charger for a reasonable price (The Brother sight sells them, but I thought for way to high a price), I would test it out. I would estimate you get about 4-5 cartridges per set of alkalines. Rechargable NIMH's will 'wear out' before due to them loosing 2-3% per day just sitting, but either way, I feel the life of the batteries is a good tradeoff than a charger, especially given the freedom of not being tethered to the wall. Don't try heavy duty batteries, but 'regular' alkalines or NIMH work great.

            Although if someone finds cheap chargers, I'll take 5 - one for home, offices and other workmates - they are great. Clients love seeing the professional labels on equipment and reports.


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              Power Supply for P-Touch 65

              Try Staples, they show one in their catalogue it is about £8 In think.