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Project Management on a Blackberry

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  • Project Management on a Blackberry

    Hello folks, lately I've been fiddling with how best to implement project management on the blackberry and how to sync with the Gtd Outlook addin. At last a nice system that is fully synced back and forth between my bb and pc. Taking advantage of the built-in Tasks in the Blackberry you can search for any word when you launch the app so what I started doing was adding a "-" and the Project name in all caps as such: - ROOM MAKEOVER behind the actions so one can read:

    Get the door measurement - ROOM MAKEOVER

    so when I search on the Berry I instantly get all the task in whatever action categories they may be in the initial view of the built-in tasks, this is great !! by the way the aforementioned task belongs in the the @Home Errands category

    Now, what about the addin well I create a project called ROOM MAKEOVER and put a low priority in Outlook so when I view whatever project in the Blackberry that Project will sort to the bottom of the list view of the built-in task, awesome. So now I can track actions to project on my PC and my Blackberry, very sweet