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Templates/Ideas for using with Lotus Notes version 5.x

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  • Templates/Ideas for using with Lotus Notes version 5.x

    I am using Lotus Notes and I do not want to put everything in Outlook. Is there any way you can use the Outlook Template that David Co. sells and apply it to Lotus Notes? What success have you had? What changes did you have to make to do so? Pitfalls? Other recommendations?



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    Eric Mack's site -


    I have to use Notes at work for email, and have asked the same question... So far, I have not modified Notes at all and still use Outlook as a stand-alone app, however check out:

    Eric Mack has developed a very complete Notes template for utilizing the GtD principles. It isn't for sale unless you become a client, but there are numerous screen shots that give you a very good idea of what is included in the template, as well as giving you ideas for designing/developing your own.

    - Todd


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      Isn't that inefficient?

      Doesn't it seem very inefficient not to be able to simply copy an e-mail into a list or place on a calendar from within Notes?

      Maybe I'm overreacting but that seems like managing one more large application versus having an integrated company calendar. Do you use the Outlook Add-in as well?

      I did look at and got a few ideas but I don't think I will become a client as it's got to cost some major $$$.


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        Yes, I guess it is. However, the other alternative is to become a client (time/money issues for me - also have already attended GtD seminar) or have someone help me develop a template and then get my IT people to agree to let me use it (they are not real receptive to that sort of thing).

        So... right now I use the two programs along with a Palm. Basically, it means that the Next Actions from emails need to be entered or copy-pasted manually into Outlook. (I should also say that there is talk that we'll switch to Outlook, and that has influenced my decision to use both programs as well). I get about the same number of NAs from email as I do from other sources though, so for now it's not as big of an issue as it could be.

        I do use the add-in, but not as exensively as I could since its usefullness seems to hinge on email.


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          Any luck folks? In implementing GTD in Lotus Notes??

          I am really envious of others who can download this GTD add-in and use automation to use the GTD principles.......seems to make life easier.

          Am not very good at Lotus programming....but sure wish I could have similar automation to use GTD principles with Lotus Notes!!

          Somebody, anybody out there who can assist.........!!!


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            Lotus notes Template


            New experimental release of GTD using Lotus Notes.

            Check it out and contribute!!