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OS X users run over to........

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  • OS X users run over to........

    In the never ending quest for great tools to do GTD we all keep looking and looking. Alas most of the best ones; OutlookAddin, MLO, OutlookHacks; were windows based...

    While we OS X users wait for OmniFu er... OmniFocus; go straight out to and look at their product INBOX.

    This tool is totally different and unique; take the time and read the primer and realize that there isn't a manual yet. The software looks to be a Complete GTD solution for our Macs with a built in coach.... BUT be warned you are going to have to study this a bit as it's a totally unique approach.

    I'm not affilated with them and a bunch of you probably recongnize me; even though I have been gone for a while. This thing looks to be what I've been looking for so I'm decloaking to share.

    Even thought I've been too busy starting a new company for the last year and have WAY too much on my plate, I'm going to hole-up for an entire day if necesary and get this baby up and running completely.....

    Hope this helps someone......


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    At the risk of being called a spoilsport, I'm going to come right out and say I wouldn't recommend Midnight Beep's Inbox. The automatic collection puts too much emphasis on seeing new items. To my way of thinking, one of the great things about GTD is its flexibility. I can walk away from the latest and loudest when I need to, and know that I have a way to eventually process it. Downstream from the collection phase, the program seems awkward and paternalistic. There is the issue of portability for me as well. For something along the same lines, I would recommend Thinking Rock, which is portable. It doesn't collect new email, but who wants to see "Russian girl wants to meet gentlemen" in one's main GTD tool.


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      It's not ready for prime time... yet

      It's an elegantly-crafted UI but there are significant performance and usability issues to be worked out before I could even think about trusting my system to this application. I plan to watch how it develops but my assessment is that it's still a beta product that is currently undergoing a very public usability and stability test.

      There's a Google Group set up where you can monitor the conversation between active testers and the developers. They're very responsive and are doing a fairly good job of listening to how people actually want to use the tool. That gives me some optimism that they may ultimately deliver a compelling alternative for GTD on the Mac.