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What's On David's Palm?

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  • What's On David's Palm?

    Many moons ago I read a David Allen blurb from the "Tips and Tools" section about how he uses his palm. I also read recently in the "Coaches Corner" several articles that mentioned palm usage. I am just wondering if David and the other coaches are still using the standard applications as outlined in the original article by David. Are any of you using another palm-based method or third-party application to implement the GTD methods? What other applications do you have on your palm that may or may not be GTD related? Thanks!

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    3rd Party Apps

    On his GTD Fast tapes David is pretty clear about whats on his palm as far as 3rd party apps - nothing! He calls them toys and maintains that his palm is not a collection device but a storage device.

    I agree.


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      Just to clarify I think the statement you're quoting from the tapes was actually in reference to Note-Taker and other fast text entry methods for jottig down messages etc.

      It all depends on your needs etc. --for example I use ultrasoft Money which syncs directly to MS money on my pc --I don't consider it a toy at all. It has saved a lot of time having to go back later and enter receipts etc and does away with having to carry them around all day unless they're needed for reimburse in the future etc. --I'm not digitalizing raw data -I'm entering the same exact info that would go into the pc program.

      It all depends on the individual.



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        Re: 3rd Party Apps

        Originally posted by DM
        On his GTD Fast tapes David is pretty clear about whats on his palm as far as 3rd party apps - nothing! He calls them toys and maintains that his palm is not a collection device but a storage device.

        I agree.

        Could you clarify what you mean by not a capture device, but a storage device.

        Do you mean that David does not add to his lists etc on his palm as he goes along? Does he do the capture process in another way? Does he only use his Palm for reference to his lists etc?




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          What does David use for the desktop?

          Does anyone know what David uses for the desktop, IE Outlook or Palm Desktop??


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            His tech advisor had posted to the yahoo GTD group that David Allen Co. runs Lotus notes instead of Outlook --but they use Palm Desktop for action management.


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              That's interesting - don't they promote Outlook and the GTD add-in on their site? What's up with that?


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                Outlook non-use by DavidCo

                Someone asked about DavidCo marketing the Outlook guide and the Outlook add-in when they use Lotus Notes and the Palm Desktop.

                Outlook is used many places because a) it comes with Microsoft Office, b) it comes from Microsoft, c) it has lots of "features", and d) it is "well-supported" (meaning Microsoft will try to fix the most severe security holes as quickly as it can). Some people even like Outlook, and use it voluntarily, but many more have to use it or use nothing.

                An individual or a small business (which is what DavidCo is) can use what it wants. Personally, financial reasons alone argue against my use of Outlook. I have a home computer, work computer, and a laptop, and Microsoft would have me license Outlook for all three, just so I can have a uniform environment... Phooey on 'em.

                However, I cheerfully paid money for the DA Outlook guide, and I don't regret it. It helped me a bit with the mechanics of GTD.



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                  I wouldn't say they "promote outlook" but they definitely promote the add-in and the guide. It's my understanding that the guide was developed to help clients set up a system for using GTD with outlook -- I think the plug-in was NetCentrics Idea to develop --automate the process from the guide.

                  DavidCo seems to be all about "best practices" so they'll teach best practices for using Palm desktop , or a loose leaf notebook etc.



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                    David's palm

                    Outlook for me is just a super email program. I have a problem of sync'ing to an exhange server for work where my personal items are viewable. I'm in sales and I have been using Act for a long time. I agree with the comment that you must use the process regardless of what software you use.

                    One question that I have. If David uses Notes, how does he put actionable emails into the Palm desktop software? Cut and paste? To me it seems like allot of work to put them into the Palm desktop from any email program. Is this what David does with email?


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                      Not sure how they process email --his tech advisor might have rigged something for action items from notes mail to be sent to palm d-top if that's possible . He did a very nice template for notes for his clients see .

                      The lastest update for Act! has a nice feature that lets you create activities from an email message now. I think they saw the outlook plug-in. ; )



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                        Yes, I saw that they added this feature. It was a must have for me. I was a beta tester for 6.0 and adding this to the email was a sugguestion allot of us loyal Act user requested. IMO, I"m going to use Act as my main system and go from there using GTD principals. Outlook is not completly going to cut it for me except email and group calendar sharing. I need to keep detailed records of my actions. However, I do think the GTD is an awesome process and one that I'm going to implement with Outlook and ACT. Thanks for your inputs.