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Where can I get a tickler file (43 folders)?

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  • Where can I get a tickler file (43 folders)?

    Are there any good brands available? I would most appreciate links to specific products, if possible.

    Also, is the choice between implementing the tickler file system using one of these products and inside a regular filing cabinet a purely personal one?

    Thanks in advance,

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    DA recommends that you create your own tickler file ... using 43 standard file folders. 12 get used for the months. While the remaining 31 are for the days (1 through 31).

    For my own tickler file I used the 2nd position files for the months (colored). Then changed to 1st position files for the days. Nice and simple. As to storage that's your own choice ... personally I keep my in a file box under the desk rather than in a file cabinet.

    If you want to go the pre-made route the following may be useful:

    Plus a visit to your local stationary shop.


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      Thanks for the links. Helped me understand the whole stuff better.

      I will go for my own using standard file folders. The accordion file types are good, but they have the disadvantage of not bringing 'today' to the top- probably the best way to make a ticker file system most productive.


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        Gland to help.

        I agree with your comment that having todays folder at the front is "...probably the best way to make a ticker file system most productive."

        Having used both styles, I find I'm less inclined go digging through the tickler file on my way today's date. Which is a great blessing.