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Time Tracking Software for Palm and PC

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  • Time Tracking Software for Palm and PC

    I need to track time by clients (and other categories) and report it out into a couple different systems. I use ProjecTrak right now on the Palm. It is, however, limited.

    Has anyone found an easy to use system that integrates time tracking between Palm and PC. I would like to be able to create a new client on either side and track time to it and have it all synced up.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    You might want to check out
    Reasonably priced and works very well.


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      Best Time Tracking Software for Palm

      If you want the best time tracking software for Palm, imho it is TEAK (Time Expense Automobile Keeper). It comes with a desktop companion which generates extensive reports. The Palm part of it is very easy to use and very comprehensive. It is expensive as Palm software goes (around $80 I think), but well worth it...and the support is excellent. I have had patches sent to me within hours! See


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        TEAK does look good, but the developer confirmed that it's not yet OS5 friendly. So, I've been using a do-it-yourself database via HanDBase3i. Unlike Smartlists2Go, HB yields reliable running totals on BOTH the device AND the desktop. Since HB is available for both Palm and PocketPC formats, I'm not locked into either PDA platform. Finally, the desktop component is a joy, and easy to manipulate. (This from someone who learned how to spell "database" via handbase (2). I know there's a fully featured trial version available-- 30 days (? memory). No hassles if I tweak something on the desktop, then the device, or vice versa. The sync conduit is smart enough to handle it (assuming it's not the same field on each). BTW- most of the buggies have **finally** been eradicated in the latest "i" version.

        ( The "plus" version includes both PDA and desktop versions; the "professional" version adds the "forms" component. FWIW, I've been using the plus version for years, and saw no need to upgrade to the forms doohickey.

        If you want my template, give a holler and I'll post it for you to download. On my way outta town for the holiday, so I'll check back on Tuesday.


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          Oops, thought I was logged in for that "guest" post. Sowwee!!


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            You can also try out Timereporter, also a little expensive for Palm software, but it tracks time, expenses and mileage. It also has two options on the desktop side for storage. It can either store its data in an access database for standalone use, or alternatively, if you have MS SQL installed somewhere on a server, you can create a database and store your data there. This allows for centralized storage of all TimeReporter users' data in one location (on the server).

            TimeReporter is OS 5 compatible.