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    i've just got a new treo 750 and updated my information over from my old palm t. i keep all my next actions/things to do as tasks which syncs to my outlook desktop at work. As I keep all my stuff on the one machine I dont want private things showing up at work and through Chapura settings had my tasks set only to sync items not marked as private. I have two problems with my treo:
    1. Can I set the view on my treo only to see either work or personal tasks due today? This is the way I managed not to get overwhelemed with my palm - I dont want to have to see a task i dont need to do until next week or next month and i have many spreading out over the coming year due to work deadlines. I dont want to see them until i need them.
    2.can you set your treo so that only some tasks sync. it doesnt seem to have that option?

    any help gratefully recieved.

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    I'm using the treo 680 ... but the set up should be similar.

    Tasks: You can set your task up by "all"; "date"; or "category". Additionally under the task preference option you can define the sort option - "priority, due date"; "due date, priority" ; category, priority" or "category, due date".

    Try playing with these and see what you end up with. Though in your case the date option (due today) may be the answer.

    On the sync option, I'm using the Missing Sync for Palm (Mac user) so the following may not answer your question. I have a "settings" option that brings up a dialogue box that allows for a choice of either all tasks or by selected category. So again you may wish to look into your sync software.


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      I had bookmarked this thread for when my new (to me) Treo 650 arrived so I can use a couple of tips in the set up and implementation of GTD.

      Here's my own Palm PDA software setup:
      - PocketMirror Professional XT: I had previously used it, and I still had access to my purchase, so I use it to sync my personal calendar and my PUBLIC calendar to the built-in calendar function in the Treo. This is ALL I use it for (unfortunately - it's a great program.). Since I had already previously paid for it, and it works the way I need it to, I don't feel guilty about money previously spent (~$60 at the time).

      - BeyondContacts: I had also used this in the past, but I'll (unfortunately) need to repurchase it. It will sync everything else and my personal calendar to the calendar in Beyond Contacts. I can find things via Category view and have it set for Priority and Due Date. I can also use multiple categories with each task with Beyond Contacts (unable to do that with PocketMirror).

      For me, I have to be careful what I use (and ask to use) on my company's laptop computer. General Palm applications are fine, but other programs I might need permission to install them on the computer.

      I will be checking out Bonsai & another Projects utility to see if I can use it (without asking for tech support's permission).