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  • Newbie help Home-BB-Work

    Ok, my New Year Resolution - get organized... in walks GTD!

    Just getting setup and have a quick question. My office uses Lotus Notes (6.5) and the only PDA accepted is BlackBerry. I am going to get one soon!
    At home I use Outlook for PIM stuff, but e-mail mostly on Yahoo.

    I have not setup all of the lists in either PIM yet because I wanted to get my PDA up and going first....

    Any suggestions on setting up Lotus, BB, Outlook, and/or Yahoo?

    I have seen the Outlook add-ons and custom forms, the 3rd party task lists, etc. if I do any of those I want to make sure that all are updated across both Notes and Outlook.

    All of these are pretty new (i.e. will buy BB soon, Outlook on new laptop and have not updated yet, & only in job since November), so I want to get these setup right the first time. I have not found anyone to talk to in person yet about GTD so thought I would ask my questions here.

    Thanks for any help!!!
    Andy D., Houston, TX

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    I think the BlackBerry's task application is quite complicated. That's why I switched to NextAction! which claimed to be a straight implementation of GTD. It works fine for even though it is still lacking of some features I would like to have (e.g. due dates)...


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      BB Task application Complicated?

      I don't really see how it is that complicated. I have a BB 8700 and the task application is just about everything I need. The only thing it can't do is mark tasks as private (altough you can make appointments private). I use the Private flag to separate personal actions from professional actions.

      But it does categories and lets you filter the task list by category (great when you are working in a particular context).

      I am using the 8700 synched live with Outlook 2003 with no third-party plug-ins (just configured Outlook per recommendations in the white paper) and I feel that I have everything I need to apply the GTD system 100%.