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Palm TX + Google Calendar

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  • Palm TX + Google Calendar

    I´m planning on getting a Palm TX but I really rely on Google Calendar as my personal primary calendar, in fact, I'm using the GTD Firefox extension for Google Calendar.
    Is there a way to sync Google Calendar with a PDA? specifically Palm TX? I know TX has web browsing capabilities but I'm not always online...
    Thanks a lot.
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    Um, if you aren't online all the time, why are you using an online service as your primary calendar?

    Anyway... there are lots of ways to get information from a Google Calendar to your local PC. Google will publish the calendar in XML, HTML, or iCAL format. (See your calendar details page.) And once it's on your local PC, you should be able to get it into Palm Desktop or something else that will sync with your Palm. However, this is likely to be a one-way import: you can get your calendar onto your Palm, but can't easily get updates from your Palm back up to Google. Whether that matters depends on how you use your Palm.

    Which brings me back to my original question.


    (Full disclosure: I haven't actually done a gCal to Palm transfer, I just know what is alleged to be possible.)


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      I found this application which claims to sync Google Calendar with Palm Desktop and Microsoft Outlook:

      CompanionLink for Google

      Not sure how well it works, but if you use Google Calendar a lot, it might be worth the $29 price tag.

      -- Tammy


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        Thanks to you both.

        Tammy, I'm checking out the companionlink software site.

        Katherine, you question is really a good one.

        Maybe my stand point would be that I don't have the Palm yet, so I haven't experienced the "process" of keeping the calendar there. My basic intention is to update the Calendar on the Palm whenever I'm offline and then sync to Google to keep it accurate given that at least once in a day I get online. Also, I don´t feel comfortable keeping a "physical" calendar.

        Thanks again


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          If your not comfortable in keeping a "physical" calendar what makes you think that keeping a palm will be any different? The palm is a physical unit with all the issues that entails!

          I also feel, though I could be wrong, that the palm to google sync is a complicated process. A couple reviews (and you should google the issue) point out problems with duplicate entries.

          Form my money a straight palm to palm desktop sync is much simpler and cleaner. Finally, as a owner of a Treo 680, surfing the net, on a device with a small screen is a pain ...


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            Not personally tested with a PalmOS device, but I've been using ScheduleWorld (SW) and their free SyncML client for Outlook to sync with a WM5 device. No complaints. It was fairly easy to setup with instructions. Basically my work Outlook is setup to sync Calendar and Contacts 2-ways with Google Cal and GMail Addy book respectively. Then my home PC is setup to pull from SW to OL. Give it a try and let us know.