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Another quick capture tool --

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  • Another quick capture tool --

    This service, currently free, transcribes a voice mail message that you leave on a toll free number and sends it to your e-mail inbox. The "My Jotts" can be set up in GTD categories as well. See the linked Seattle Times article or the website for more information. I am fiddling with it now, but I thought that I would share this tool with others.

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    This is a great capture tool!!!

    I set up an account at and registered my cell phone with them. Once done I called the toll free number from my cell and spoke the following note into the service: "this is a test of jott, I'm interested to see how well this transcribes, I typically make lists of things to do, like pick up hamburger, pork, chicken, milk and dog treats at the store." It trascribed my words with 100% accuracy. You can also listen to the message that created the text at the web site.

    You can also "Jottcast" -- send your note to others in your contact list on

    I believe that this is another great tool in the GTD utility belt.
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      Very cool, thanks!


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        This is the coolest tool I've seen in a long time! Thanks for sharing.


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          Yes, very cool. I've subscribed and am having fun playing with it. If work can be fun, I'm all for it.


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            Pretty cool!

            I've subscribed as well, and it works great! However, I'm sure that they will start charging pretty soon. How could they continue to offer a service like this for free?


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              They talk about this on their site. The service is free and the site will be supported from ad revenue... banner ads, etc. The consumer pays the phone charges (text message, voicemail, etc.)


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                Jott Rocks!

                Simple. 98% accurate. Easy. Valuable.

                I'm hooked. You gotta try it.


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                  It took me six months to catch up to you, Alchemist, but better late than never.

                  The problem with most voice notes is that I have to first, play them back, and second, write them down. Jott does it all for me.

                  This is an enormously effective capture tool. Thanks.


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                    I wrote up a review of my current GTD implementation and that includes Jott. Amazing service that greatly compliments my "capture" tools for GTD.