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UK filing cabinets - with compression plates!

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  • UK filing cabinets - with compression plates!


    I'm new to the forum, and GTD. So I'm getting my tools together, and after much trawling through forums and blogs, I can't find a filing cabinet in the UK with compression plates. I also discover a whole subculture of UK GTD practitioners and students with various workarounds for the problem!

    Then, as a result of a refusal to admit defeat, I finally found a manufacturer of filing cabinets based in the UK, Triumph, who also manufacture an old-style compression plate for their foolscap filing cabinet. Here's an online retailer who sells the range at a good price:

    And here's Triumph's website:

    Great filing cabinets too!

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    I had initially purchased a Bisley filing cabinet, when I started implementing GTD in October 2004. I more recently discovered that one could order compression plates separately. I ordered two set of 5 plates from http:// for £26.28 each, all inclusive, and must say that I was very impressed with the very fast delivery.


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      The product page for the compression plate is here:

      I'm guessing this is the type of arrangement favoured by David Allen in the book?


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        Yes! A simple elegant solution to holding folders in an upright position.

        Unfortunately for the majority of us, compression plates are long gone, most likely discarred on the bonfire of commerce ... it's cheaper to use handing files.


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          Originally posted by eidetic View Post
          The product page for the compression plate is here:

          I'm guessing this is the type of arrangement favoured by David Allen in the book?
          Interesting. So does that whole unit fit into the bottom of the filing cabinet drawer or is the bottom of the draw shaped like that and you just buy the piece that sticks up ?



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            The whole unit fits in the bottom of the drawer, but comes pre-fitted when you order the plate as an option - I think. I'll find out soon though, as I'm ordering one today!


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              just wanted to thank you for tracking these down eidetic

              you beat me...I rang up several stationers and filing furniture manufacturers asking for a compressOR plate...they all said they had never heard of it or that

              I even rang Triumph about this!! At the time I was using a metal triumph filing cabinet from the 1950's - very metroretro - I've donated that to my girlfriend because the metal made a ringing noise inside my voiceover recording studio sadly

              anyway I have now ordered a set of the foolscap compressION plate from lyndoe to retrofit on to my new wooden cabinets

              thanks again


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                excellent news! many thanks

                (another UK GTDer)


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                  Glad to be of service