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Samsung Blackjack for GTD?

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  • Samsung Blackjack for GTD?

    Hi all,

    I just finished GTD and am intrigued. Prior to reading this book, I was considering purchasing a smart phone. I had an old Palm PDA back in the day (98 or so), but never really used it well because it was a little bulky and didn't have good processes for managing the flow. With the GTD process and possibly a new smart phone, I am looking to change that.

    I read some of the forums here, and I didn't see any commentary on the blackjack. I like the form factor of it, but curious if anyone uses it for GTD? Specifically, I am interested more in the list / context managing functionality. I've held off on getting a blackberry or smart phone because I didn't want to be overly connected to work, so email, while nice, isn't crucial.

    More about me. Software developer, travels a decent amount for personal reasons but rarely for work, MS Exchange server at work, mostly use a Mac to manage email (using Thunderbird), use gmail for personal email, use Exchange calendaring at work and will likely use it for personal calendar and task/list management (although I use a Mac at work, I can remotely access outlook via a web interface or a remote windows terminal). At home, I have a PC and a Mac laptop.

    Mostly interested in getting my personal life in order, but work too, and it's all interrelated.

    I am also considering the Blackberry Pearl.

    Thanks for any insight!

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    I'm, a Treo 680 user, nevertheless a couple of pointers to help you along. The Samsung Blackjack runs Window mobile as it's os, so it will support a GTD implementation. Just search the forums for Windows mobile.

    As to the RIM Blackberry Pearl it does not have a full keyboard. Keys share letters and a predictive software 'guesses' what you're typing. Some like it many others hate it. Test before for you commit.

    Also given your mixed PC/Mac environment you will need to consider the question of syncing. For the Mac the Missing Sync software by Mark / Space is the go. As to accessing calendar etc via a remote web interface ... web browsing on smart phones sucks. The screens are to small to show any great detail. It's doable but not real fun! You are better off using the build in calendar and email clients.


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      Sweet, thanks for the reply - I'll do a more detailed search for Window Mobile here.

      Also, to clarify about the mixed mode case - most of the data I will be concerned about will be on an Exchange server, so I can use the Mobile Outlook to access the calendar, etc. So in some ways, I am more like a Windows user - it happens that at work, I use a Macintosh (laptop) and that is when I will be using other programs (e.g. Thunderbird for email via IMAP or remote web or desktop access of calendar/tasks, etc), which, while annoying, is not a huge deal on a computer instead of a mobile phone.

      I mentioned that Mac primarily in case anyone else had a similar mixed mode experience (sounds like you do). I'll check out Missing Sync



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        Well, I am not that familiar with the BlackJack. But I am using a BlackBerry and a BlackBerry GTD implementation called "NextAction!". It works fine for me but I am not sure if it runs on your device.


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          A bit late on the discussion, but here are my £0.02 ...

          I have an HTC S-620 (T-mobile Dash in the US) which I purchased in November, running Windows Mobile for Smartphone. Before that, I had a Nokia E61 (Symbian OS), T-Mobile KJam (Pocket PC) and Palm 600 (Palm OS). The HTC S-620 is quite similar to the Samsung Blackjack in formfactor and Operating System, so I think my reply will be valid to you.

          Out of all of the above, I think it is the perfect solution for me! And I explain:

          1) It is first and foremost a cell-phone. Small and light, it fits into my pocket easily. It has great reception, good battery life, good voice quality. 'nough said.. After the KJam which was bulky, I was pleased to have this small smartphone to carry around as my primary device.

          2) As I use Outlook as my software of choice for GTD, full synchronization abilities are vital to me. The S620 syncs fully with Outlook, including categories etc. I have it setup to synchronize through bluetooth at the touch of a button, so I don't even need to connect cables to my computer. Once again, very happy.

          3) I use the Calendar version that came with the Smartphone. The only software I've installed is "Oxios ToDo list" as the "Tasks" software that comes bundled is not very convenient. Oxios allows you to filter by category, non-completed tasks, undated or dated tasks etc. Perfect for GTD purposes and quite inexpensive.

          To be honest, I mostly use the Smartphone as an Action tool - when I am out and about I look at my NA list to see what I need to do (@calls or @out for example). I also consult my calendar, make ammendments to contact details etc. For capture purposes I usually carry some plain record cards, as I find writing much easier. I process these separately at the end of the day or during the Weekly Review.

          Finally, even though it is capable of push-email, I don't have this service setup as data costs are very expensive here in the UK, so I just check email only when I get back home. Also, I try NOT to do much processing on my smartphone, much rather do this back at home on my 19" screen than on the smartphone screen ...

          Hope this helps.