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PDA/phone combo

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  • PDA/phone combo

    Hi All

    Has anyone seen any good phone/PDA combos lately? I've been noticing more and more people using them in airports.

    I'm looking for a cell phone combined with a PDA I can sync with Outlook to keep track of my contacts calendar and tasks


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    I have been using the Kyocera 7135 for a few weeks. It is awesome! It combines phone, Palm PDA, e-mail, web browsing etc.

    Paul Skikne - Owner
    Montana Avenue Realty
    Santa Monica, CA


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      PDAPhone by Kyocera (7135)

      :P I am happy w. my Kyocera 7135 also. It syncs nicely w. Outlook right out of the box but I use ACT Version 6 and sync. it with ACT for the Palm OS on my Kyocera. It works fine. (See: )

      I also use HPC Notes for the Palm on my Kyocera and sync it w. the Desktop version of HPC Notes ( See: )

      Rounding out my organizational software is: Nelson Email Organizer ( see: ) which coordinates my Outlook E-Mail on my PC and PaperTiger ( See: http://ThePaperTiger.Com ) which helps me with my filing.

      Best Regards,



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        Paul, Robert, thanks for your responses!

        Does the Kyocera have a full-on Palm implemented?
        Does it synchronize OK with Outlook? (I use the GTD Outlook Add-In).
        I use a Pocket PC (Jornada 560) now. Also use HPC notes - but I haven't yet really gotten much use out of it. I have no clue about the Palm OS or whether I'd like it.

        As far as the phone goes, can you talk into it like a regular cell or do you need an earpiece?

        It sounds pretty good. I see that my carrier (Verizon) carries it for $499.

        Maybe I'll go there if I get enough Fathers' Day checks......



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          7135 Smartphone follow-up w. questions of my own......

          What do you mean by a "full-on Palm" ? It is compatible with Palm software if that is what you has not the latest version of Palm OS ( v. 5 ) but it is sufficient for 99% of the population.

          How is the GtD Outlook Add-In working for you. I thougth that I saw someplace on here that it was "buggy." I am interested in your use of it.

          I am using the Nelson Email Organizer ( at ) but would consider the Outlook add-in if you really liked it since I am now begining to implement GtD. I am not syncing my Kyocera with Outlook but rather I have the Palm Version of ACT and sync. it w. my Desktop version of ACT. But I do have a question for you about HPCNotes. Even though you said that you are using it, you may be more familiar with the GtD system than I (which is probable since I am just starting to read the book).

          I am planning on using HPCNotes as the anchor for my implementation of GtD .. I am only 1/3 of the way through David's book so I am no "blackbelt" user but I plan on making a Project list in HPCNotes and tracking the action steps for each project in HPC note's section for each project and then, weekly, transfering timed and untimed action steps into my ACT database calendar. What do you think?? ACT by itself is not very well suited to GtD bec. each task, in ACT, has to be linked specifically to an individual contact and that is cumbersome at times hence my need for HPCNotes.....

          Yes, you can talk on the 7135 just like on a reg. ear piece is necessary. If you would like more info. on the Kyocera, go here > and check out the 7135 forums

          If you are a good Verizon customer (long term) try to get $200. off the price of the 7135 ... they might do it IF you sign up for two years w. them and then the phone will only cost you $299....3 something w. tax. I have heard that it has been done.

          Good Luck....let me know about the Outlook add-in, will you .... and what do you think of my initial approach to using GtD w. HPC Notes and ACT......

          Robert in Florida


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            Blackberry 6510 phone

            I use the Blackberry 6510 phone/PDA, and it is great, especially if you live on the road.


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              New Treo 600 Due in the fall

              I have been eyeballing this new Treo 600 combo device that should be out in the fall.



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                Treo 300

                I just picked up a new Treo 300 on eBay for $275. I've been wanting one for quite some time, but the cost has been too high until now.


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                  Treo 300

                  I have been using the Treo 300 now for about 6 weeks ... it is awesome!!!

                  It allowed me to converge three of my devices into one; Phone, Two-way pager, and Palm.

                  Recommended add-on apps ... TreoSMS (to add sending capability omited by Handspring), TreoMail (to add remote send/receive access to your email directly on the Treo), and TreoAlerts (to add recurring reminders for messages / calls).


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                    Treo 300 Software

                    I find Eudora and EudoraWeb, both free, to work great on the Treo. Eudora is a really nice email package that even supports SSL. EudoraWeb is a very fast text-only Web browser that is much faster than Blazer for fetching pages containing primarily text.

                    Also see


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                      treo 600! ***** (five stars)

                      While reading GTD I was using Palm's Tungsten W. It is a phone PDA combo. But now I have upgraded to Treo 600.

                      The new system has a five-way navigator that is really really intuitive (one is very grateful after the tungsten w experience). I think for those of us who are not technophobes this may be the UPGRADE. I mean the cost is very steep (I bought it in Singapore for equivalent of US$ 690. ) But I think it is worth the price.

                      It has a keyboard that is very typeable, like the rest of the operations, with one hand.

                      I think for those of us who want to carry only one device that is a full fledged palm as well as a very well integrated mobile phone, this is the choice.

                      What a way for Handspring to do the last bow before being merged with Palm.

                      Ashok Atluri


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                        Palm/PDA Combo

                        I have a Treo 300 and am only moderately in love with it. It is not an exceptional cell phone nor is it an exceptional PDA. (I have been a Palm user for six years.) I do love the fact that it cuts down on what I have to carry, but in general feel it's pretty clumsy.

                        My company will be upgrading to Treo 600s soon. From what I have seen, the Treo 600 addresses some of my complaints - a better keyboard design and easier access to frequently used programs.


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                          There are going to be a few new phone/PDAs (or SmartPhones) coming out soon, if not already on the market.

                          For info on Microsoft versions, check here:


                          For Palm, check here: (although there are probably sites more focused on Palm-based "phones" than this one)



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                            phone/pda combinations

                            Here in Australia there is a product called the XDA 02. It is a phone and Pocket PC unit that I have now used for over six months with excellent results. Both the phone and PDA functions have worked without a flaw. I know a similar machine is sold in the North American market and they are well worth checking out. I particularly like the PDA size screen unlike many phones that compromise the screen size.


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                              phone palm combo

                              Just got the new Sprint Treo 600 and am loving it. Finally, a good Palm, phone, and email combo. Now, if I can just stop playing with the thing and GTD.