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Implimenting GTD on a Palm with just the base software

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  • Implimenting GTD on a Palm with just the base software

    I am in the middle of switching from paper "back" to a Palm in implementing GTD. When you have a next action that has to be done on a specific date but not a specific time, how/where do you put it? You can't put it on a next action list, as you might not look at that list that day. It seems like it really clogs up my calendar when I put it as an appointment without a time. I would prefer not to have to buy/install any additional software if I can avoid it, just trying to keep it simle and clean. Any suggestions?


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    Simple Solution -

    Put it on your To-Do List - which is already organized by context (@Computer, @Phone, etc...) but assign a Due Date to it, and then set your Preferences in your Palm to show "Only Due Items."

    If it makes you feel more comfortable - schedule the "Due Date" for one day before it is due (or two, I guess if you need the time).

    Example: I have all my regular Monthly Bills set up this way - as repeating To Do's (which you can do in Outlook or the Mac Version of Palm Desktop)

    Real-Life Example: Under my "@Errands" category - I have the following: "@Post-A.T.&T. (due on the 4th)"

    It is due to AT&T on the 4th of every month - and it is set to "repeat" on my Palm on the 28th day of every month - apx one week before it is due to AT & T. "@Post" is my own shorthand - meaning "At Post Office." When I do a daily scan of my To-Do list, and this pops up on the 28th - I know I had better cut the check (which I can do anywhere, since I have my checkbook and "5 Travelling Folders" with me) and I had better run to the Post Office with it.

    PS: If I have time (and money, lol) to pay a bunch of bills, I can change the view on the Palm so it shows everything - and then I can go through and pay them ahead of schedule.

    2 last important tid-bits:
    Using this system - when you HotSynch - the completed task is replaced with the next occurrence of the task (in my case - the one due on the 28th of next month)

    If you have somthing that you want to show up on your To-Do List all the time, setting your preferences this way, simply DON'T assign a due date to it. Those show up all the time.

    Hope this helps...



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      Using only the core Palm OS software, I put such next actions as untimed events in the Datebook application, since it is tied to a specific date, but not a specific time.

      It may "clutter" the calendar, but it is the only way you can trust your calendar to remind you of things that must be completed on that day.



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        I agree Brian. I’ve found putting a calendared day specific reminder is an ‘attractive’ method. Of all the calls on our @fone list, a day specific call can be lost even if a dute date is set.

        Another tip is to include the phone # in the reminder. We’ll have no resistance to making the call --- unless it’s to the IRS .



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          ...or, you can have the best of both worlds (see my earlier post) and use the "Agenda" view on your Palm. That way you can have the appontments on top, and your To-Do's on the bottom - with only the ones that are DUE that day appearing.



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            I would put the action in the todo list with a tickler in the calendar to remind me to do it.

            If your untimed ticklers clutter up you calendar, you could creat a single, untimed event for each day titled "ticklers" or some such and put your list of individual ticklers in an attached note. You'd have to make sure to review the note though...


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              For those items which must be done today but have no specific time associated with them, I put them in the to-do list but don't assign a category. That way, on my Outlook tasklist, they appear at the very top of the list. (Most of my day is spent referring to Outlook on my computer rather than the Palm.)


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                I also add them as dated todos and use the agenda view. I sort by due date so that dated items appear at the top, before undated items.