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Web-enabled cell phone use

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  • Web-enabled cell phone use

    Does anyone use the web browser on their cell phone for something really useful?

    I have a month free trial on web access for my new Verizon LG VX8300, but other than checking in for my Southwest Airline flights, I haven't found anything worth the hassle. (Buying ringtones doesn't count.)

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    For me, these are worth using:

    Google Maps Mobile

    Gmail Mobile


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      I didn't exactly answer your question - each of those uses it's own (free) app rather than your browser. Still useful things for a web enabled phone though.


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        Weather report / status.

        Realtime weather report / status for windsurfing planning.
        Realtime financial information browsing if I'm not in office.


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          Checking RSS Feeds

          I check my RSS feeds (with Google's Reader). I also use ORB ( to access media files on my Windows Media Server. I can stream video and audio direct to my phone


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            I have a subscription to With "AudibleAir", I can program my Treo to download the morning's edition of the Wall Street Journal to listen to in the car. It is downloaded during the night, so that when I wake up, my WSJ is ready to listen to.

            The unlimited data and the subscription work well for this kind of activity.

            I used it to send an email with a PDF attachment that was in my PDA. That's was cool, but it took much longer via PDA than if I was at home (obviously).


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              web phone uses

              The real question you have to ask yourself is "what do I need the access for?"
              If you just surf the web on the phone and you don't have high speed internet (which I do not have) you will feel like 1996 dialup user all over again.

              The web is only ONE of many connected products/services. Check your plan to make sure that airtime/webtime/internet are all included in your data plan so that when you check email (which is the most functional feature for me) or use google maps (second on the list for me) that there aren't any extra charges for that data access.

              Again, the only other app I've used is online Poker, that I never use because there aren't enough other people using it to have any fun playing with other players. Man, this GTD thing has got to get to some poker players.

              Good Luck