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Time tracking for Mac

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  • Time tracking for Mac

    Can anyone recommend good time tracking software for the Mac platform? I don't bill for time -- so I don't need high-end invoicing features -- but I'd like to keep track of how long various projects actually take relative to my estimates.

    Export in a spreadsheet-friendly format would be helpful, but not essential.

    I used TimeReporter for this on the PC/Palm platform. That product has now been discontinued in favor of something called Standard Time. Standard Time doesn't have a Mac version, which is okay because I'm not interested in paying for the fancy enterprise features anyway.



    PS Looking for something that runs locally, not a web application. The last thing I need is another excuse to surf the web.
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    office time for mac

    Office time is really good .. it can be very powerful or very simple .. I love it's ease of use and it seems like a rock solid application .. I think it was 39.99
    check it out here ..

    I have no connection with them .. if you want to see everything that's available , go to and search for time tracking .. there's lots of them out there .