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Which Smartphone/PDA would you buy today?

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  • Which Smartphone/PDA would you buy today?

    I'm new to GTD and in the process of implementing it. At the same time, my cell phone's dying and I was just about to buy a new smartphone/pda like the TMobile Dash, Palm Treo, Samsung Blackjack or something similar.

    Which smartphone/PDA would you buy today if you were using it as a part of your GTD system?

    I'm in a small business Windows environment, so we don't use Exchange. I don't necessarily need to be able to access data via a wireless broadband connection (since I don't think I'll end up getting a data plan with my carrier). I'm open to getting a separate simple cellphone and a dedicated PDA (like a Treo or PocketPC) if that makes more sense.

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    I've gone with the Treo 680 as my smart phone. It means I now carry only 1 device rather than 2 (i.e. phone & PDA).

    Additionally, my choose was driving by the fact that I've had Palm's in the past and know the os and programs.

    Part of your though process should be:

    1 OS - Palm or Windows
    2 Phone carrier.

    Those two issues will quickly cut down your options.


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      Moleskine for paper-based GTD and Nokia N95.

      Moleskine for paper-based GTD and Nokia N95.


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        I have used a lot of different devices in the past and have recently gotten rid of my Palm Treo 700P due to Palm's inability to issue any kind of patch for its numerous problems. Instead, they seem more interested in releasing new phones and supporting Windows mobile.

        I have simplified my system by moving to a Blackberry 8703 on Sprint. It synchs well with Outlook (where I use the GTD plug-in) and used with a 3rd party BB application (next action) it is perfect for a GTD implementation. My only other tools are a set of levenger plastic file folders, a large circa notebook, and a tablet notebook.

        I would take a look at the Blackberry before going to Palm.


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          Treo 700P for me!

          I have used the Palm Treo 700P since last May and I love it. Haven't had any problems with it so far. B4 that I had Treo's 600 and 650. I like having the touch screen that Palms have, BB's don't have them. I also have a Dell Axim x51v PDA which is windows OS and it drives me nuts with the delays.


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            Another vote for the Treo 700P

            I've had mine for almost a year (upgraded from the 650) and, despite an occasional hang (which always resolves itself after about 20 seconds - not sure if it's the Treo or Verizon), it's a powerful and capable device. I use KeySuite from Chapura to sync to Outlook 2007 on my PC and 2Day as an overlay to the built-in Palm apps which I sync to my Mac (iCal and Address Book).

            Despite the fact that you don't intend to get a data plan, the EVDO on the 700P simply rocks. I can tether to either my Mac or PC when I'm in a no WiFi zone and get very fast net access (PDANet on the PC, built-in SW on the Mac). It's a great option if you decide to flip the switch later on.

            E-mail on the Treo works great with either the bundled VersaMail or SnapperMail. Both support POP3 and IMAP well.

            I have tried the MotoQ and the Blackjack and think their screens and keyboards are too small. The fact that they rely on ActiveSync is a total deal-breaker for me - that software is a headache waiting to happen in my experience. And, along with the Blackberry, they both lack the Treo's touch screen which I simply cannot do without.

            I like the new Blackberrys other than the lack of the touch screen although I find the thumb wheel a bit clunky compared to the Treo's 5-way D-pad. Both are well-suited for fast one-handed use.



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              Smart Phone?

              I have the flawed but functional T-Mobile Dash..

              the flawed part-the windows mobile interface is well lame, the built in pim features are weak and its a little small for my big man hands.

              the functional-I can send and receive email, it works with my jobs exchange server, I can pretend to browse the internet on it and oh yeah it's a decent phone.


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                "tethering" to a laptop?

                A cell phone for me is a necessary evil, and used as little as possible. But a cell phone that is also a PDA and also allows me to access e-mail any time, any place.... well, that's appealing. I would also like to have high-speed wireless access via my laptop. I've assumed, heretofore, that I would need one of those mobile broadband cards for the laptop. But do I understand correctly that Marc gets "very fast net access" by simply plugging his Treo into the laptop's telephone modem? And is this actually faster than plugging the laptop into a standard non-DSL residential dial-up telephone line?


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                  Many PDA phones can be tethered, generally using a USB cable. I used PDAnet to tether my now-retired Treo 700P and currently tether my Blackberry 8703 using Sprint's built-in software. This is often called a PAM (phone as modem) feature and pricing varies. For instance, the blackberry plan allows unlimited tethering; the Treo/vision plan had a surcharge (which one could avoid by using PDAnet, a third party software solution.)

                  Speed vary depending on your location and carrier. Sprint's EVDO produces low-end broadband quality speed which is fine for most email and web stuff. Streaming video and downloads are not much fun, but I have been perfectly satisfied using this setup on the train from Boston to NYC.


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                    Palm OS or Windows Mobile?

                    Thank you, thr61. That's very helpful.

                    I have an aging Palm, which has generally served me well, but I think I've discerned a general sense in these forums that the Palm OS if not on its way out is at least being superseded by Windows Mobile. Your earlier post seems to speak to that issue but Runner7395 seems to be telling us that the Windows Mobile system is slow and balky. There's one application which I don't have--but am contemplating purchasing--that can synchronize cattle herd data to a Windows Mobile device but not to a Palm. That might be handy to have in the field for my after business hours cowboying duties but it's not a big issue for me. Otherwise, I'm pretty ambivalent about the two platforms. Any advice?


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                      Originally posted by smithdoug View Post
                      I'm pretty ambivalent about the two platforms. Any advice?
                      Walk into your local CompUSA or whatever and play with both kinds of devices for at least an hour each, then see what you think. Don't compare features, or read the manual, just try to do things you want to do. The last time I looked at a Windows PPC, it was so clunky it made me want to gag and hurl , but maybe it has improved.


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                        Not to keep repeating myself, but I would give a serious look at the BlackBerry option as well.

                        It really depends on what your goals are for the device:

                        1. Always available email
                        2. Great Outlook synchronization
                        3. Strong collection of 3rd party applications
                        4. Heavy duty calendar and contact applications
                        5. Powerful phone application
                        6. World phone
                        7. High-speed access

                        There is no one device that does each of these perfectly -- each platform is stronger at some combination of these tasks. If you can prioritize your needs, the decision will be easier.


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                          Having tested them all (Palm 600, Tmobile KJam PocketPC, Nokia E61), I am a current user of a Windows Smartphone (HTC S-620 or Tmob Dash) and I couldn't be happier.

                          Excellent as a phone (my first priority), perfect sync abilities, QWERTY keyboard .. the works. The only think I don't use much is email on the go, which is where the Blackberry might have an advantage (but is more bulky!)

                          HAve a look at another post I made HERE for a few more details of my implementation.



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                            I would probably buy the treo based on the Palm software. I have a pocketpc but would prefer the brand agnostic nature of a Palm based device so that I could use Linux, Mac, or Windows.


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                              My vote if for Palm OS

                              I have a Verizon Treo 700p. I have used several others including Blackberry and some phones using Windows Mobile. I strongly recommend the Palm Treo 700p based on my priorities:

                              1. Organizer
                              2. Phone
                              3. Web Access
                              4. E-mail

                              However, 700p software does seem to freeze frequently. Even though it resolves in seconds, it is annoying. I did not have this problem with previous Treos.