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Outlook Add In update

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  • Outlook Add In update

    It's released:

    Looks good!
    Last edited by Lisa Peake; 02-21-2007, 03:37 PM.

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    I've used this new release for a full workday today (this was released late last night), and it's very nice. The new handling of projects is a great improvement that makes the Add-In very easy to use for items that don't necessarily come to your GTD Inbox via email.


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      So far so good!

      I just downloaded this a few hours ago prior to my weekly review. So far, things look great - the enhancements are nice.

      Will advise how it all works out over the next few weeks...



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        A great improvement

        I've only played so far - but the ability to see all project actions (NA's, appointments, journal entries) in one place has already been a godsend.

        Highly recommend anyone who's got the add-in should upgrade. And anyone who hasn't got the add-in should buy it!

        btw - I don't work for NetCentrics....


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          Do I Need to install the non-Vista Ver. 1st then the Vista ver. on a Vista Machine?

          I am running Vista and Office 2007 (including Outlook 2007) on a new computer. I do not yet have the Outlook Add-in. Do I install the non-vista version prior to installing the Vista version upgrade? Can I install the non-vista version on a vista machine? Thanks!


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            I've just installed the new version on a machine running Vista and Office
            2000. Yes, you need to install the current version and then the up-date. Only been using it for a few days - but it looks good!


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              I have installed the latest "vista ready" update on my Windows XP and Outlook 2007 setup and finally Outlook stops crashing when I close it or reboot my computer.

              Thank you Netcentric!



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                I downloaded it just now. Hope it works well.


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                  Support address for Netcentrics


                  I just want to remind folks that the support address for Netcentrics is

         - if you need a new link or have a second computer email support and they can assist you. Netcentrics Corporation is the developer of the Outlook add-in. Feel free to contact them directly anytime with questions!

                  Liz Harward
                  Products Department


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                    GTD Outlook Add-in with Vista keeps crashing

                    I have had this loaded for more than 6 months now. It crashes whenever I send and receive. Does anyone else have this problem?

                    As a work-around - I logout before I send/receive; then disable the add-in, log back in, send/receive, logout, enable add-in, login. Quite cumbersome, but until recently it has worked.

                    Recently, when I try to log back in, Outlook won't start at all. I have to restart the computer, then Outlook opens in safe mode.

                    It looks like I may have to unload the add-in, which I love


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                      The Outlook Add-In, while containing many features I like, crashes at least twice per week for me. It requires having to disable, then re enable the add-in. It's too useful to not do it, but it's a tad frustrating. I'm also not too happy that when I add tasks in my blackberry, they don't tie in with the add-in at all. It does not categorize them per the add-in and I have to go in and do this when I get back to my desktop. That's blackberry's fault, not the add-in, but frustrating nonetheless. Overall, I'm happy with the add-in's features.



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                        Recurring Projects?

                        Does anyone know how to handle recurringprojects using the Outlook Add-in? I have a project that contains 15 actions/tasks and I would like to find a way to avoid having to re-enter all the tasks every tiem this project needs to be completed.

                        Thanks. JWM


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                          Wish List

                          I love the concept of Project Central, but wish it could do the following:

                          - Under the email tab, to have the ability to "preview". If I'm searching for a particular item in a list of 25 emails, it's cumbersome to open and close each one individually.

                          - Have the ability to sort the tabs sequence, or set which tab is displayed when opening a project. For me, I would like to open in the "notes" view. "Appointments" are way down in my useage frequency.

                          It seems like it is always a long, long time between feature additions. I hope it won't be 2011 - 2012 before we might see some further enhancements!


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                            Mobile Device

                            I am just setting out on my GTD journey. I plan on using Outlook with the netcentrics add on. I need to figure out what mobile device/phone to use.

                            What is the best device that will sync my outlook GTD particularly the tasks (in GTD categories) with the minimal amount of hassle?

                            I have no particular loyalty to any device. I am just looking for the easiest to get started with the least add-ons etc