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Suggestion on Palm implementation of GTD

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  • Suggestion on Palm implementation of GTD

    I know I have had a number of issues trying to implement while using a Palm. It maybe that my previous system is so ingrained that it is difficult to over come the programming. But they all seemed to be around the Palm. In discussing this with a friend who is familiar with GTD, he suggested that I put the Palm in a shelf for a while and just work at implementing GTD using only paper for a couple of months to ingrain the process. "It is about the process, not the toys or the tools" he has said. Well I did it, and it really worked.

    Just a suggestion for those of you who are struggling.


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    I have to agree with Alan. I "created" my system from scratch using paper, ran with that for about a month, and then got everything streamlined onto my Palm ("vanilla only please").

    In the beginning, as I was starting from scratch with GTD, I had no idea how it would function (and I am sure many people have been surprised to find out that GTD had a life of its own. It is almost a living thing) and many of the processes I developed happened almost by themselves. I think doing it on paper in the beginning slows the process down a little bit and naturally forces you into a pace that is reasonable.

    I know far too many people who get obsessed by "I need to get Palm program "X" to export to my To-Do list and then properly update through the desktop conduit". That is fine for later (or maybe never) but in the meantime concentrate on getting your system on track.