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F-C Plan Plus ruined Palm's date synch???

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  • F-C Plan Plus ruined Palm's date synch???

    Maybe coincidence and maybe not. I think the trial version of PlanPlus killed my Palm's ability to synch my date book. Even after removing it (I think I removed it, but maybe parts remain) from both the handheld and the desktop, I can't get this function to work now. I have a Zire 71, granted it is 3 years old but it has been problem free and never been dropped or zapped, and there is a lot of memory left in it.

    Any suggested methods of resusitation?

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    Try reinstalling the PC and conduit software you were using before you tried the Plan Plus and do a soft reset of your palm, and escalate from there. And never try FC's software again.


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      AMEN ! to that .. I struggeled with FC software from ascend 97 to the version of plan plus before the current one .. there comes a point in time where you give up and become convinced that they'll never get it right . . I should have gotten a clue when they shut down the user forums for their software ... slow learner I guess


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        Thanks but, no luck yet

        I deleted all the F-C files I could find on both the handheld and the desk top. I have tried saft reset. I removed and reloaded the Palm desktop software using the original disc. Still, I get messge that synch is complete but in fact no recent information appears to have moved from either device to the other.

        The interesting thing is that on another computer that has the Palm desktop software on it but has never had the F-C Paln Plus on it, and the synch works fine, as it always has.


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          OK, when you say no information is moved during a sync, do you mean that none of your apps syncs, none of the built-in apps sync, or only Calendar and Tasks don't sync? Do you have any 3rd-party conduits, and, if so, do they work? The fact that you sync ok with another PC says the problem is probably with the PC conduits somehow being intercepted. You may be able to try switching conduits between Outlook and Palm desktop and back, and that might help. Have you backed up your all your palm files, stored in the directory with your user name? I gotta say, it may get ugly.


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            Take Outlook out of the equation

            From reading this post the issue appears to be with MS Outlook and its conduits. When you installed the FC plug in, it most likely caused the Outlook conduits to become active and primary. Removing the FC s/w did not address the underlying issue.

            I would suggest taking Outlook out of the equation (i.e. deleting) and then reinstalling the palm desktop and soft reseting the palm handhold. Once you get the palm sync working then add back Outlook (if needed).

            At all stages BACK UP YOUR DATA!


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              Not sure if I've understood the problem correctly but I've had problems syncing between Outlook and Palm when the .pst files in Outlook are damaged.

              Have you tried running Scanpst.exe? (You can seach for this tool in Windows Search) Or Detect and Repair (in Help) from Outlook itself?


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                I had this problem back when I decided to try Plan Plus the first version that came out. PP overwrote the conduit that Palm uses and replaced it with its own proprietary conduit.

                It was bad enough not being able to synch my Outlook, but worse not having my Bonsai outlines sync either. I got most of my help from the guys at Natara, (who are unrivalled for customer service, BTW.)

                They advised me to solve the problem by completely reinstalling Chapura Pocket Mirror, the conduit that came with my late, much-lamented Visor.

                Maybe that will help - it has been some years, and a different version of the Palm OS, but maybe the technique will still work? I might even have saved their how-to emails in my archives at home. If you're really stuck, I can try and dig them up tonight.



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                  not much closer

                  I don't use Outlook, although I have it on the desk top computer, I don't have it on my Palm. The data that will not move from either platform to the other platform is Date Book and Address Book entries. And, I get a message saying that the synch is complete.


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                    I fixed it!

                    I did a lot of different things and at this point it is like soothing a crying baby, you don't know what really worked because you are so tired from trying so many things, but you do remember something about the last thing you did. This is what seemed to get me to where I could fix the conduits. To the extent that I was able, I tried to do what was advised in posts above, including running the scanpst function. I tried it on each file that had Palm in the word. But, I got messages saying tbey didn't exist, which I think really means couldn't be located where it was looking. I had also been trying to work through the list of hot synch problems at the site that Palm desktop software connects you to when you click on Help and then select hot synch help. This lead to downloading the new desktop software from PalmOne. I did this the day before yesterday and again yesterday. But since I could not get it it to "open" (I don't know the word, I guess do anything and then I couldn't find it either time). Then somehow I stumbled on it after hours and hours of trying this and that and it seemed to have a life of its own. It ran and ran, and I heard lots of clicking and it took over an hour to do whatever it did and I was tempted to stop it becuse it seemed like some kind of endless loop. Then I again read through all the FAQs related to hotsynch issues and I found one that the last one said that something about the date book and third party software leaving the conduits in "do nothing" mode and it lead me through the steps to change each function I needed to (date book, address). Now it is back to working.

                    The next big tasks, is probably to download that new Palm software on my other computer since that serves as a back-up and in this case allowed me to test and see if it was the handheld or the desktop that was the source of the problem.

                    Thanks to all who posted and tried to give me a little guidance and support.


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                      won't synch at all

                      I think maybe my Palm is just dieing. It won't synch at all. Maybe three years is all you can ask of a device. Someone at the Palm store in the airport told me that going through airport security scanners has a deleterious impact on Palms. I have done that many. many times. Why am I writing this here? Sympathy, of course, but a warning to others. What if I had left the country thinking this was working well and it had all my addresses and plans in it?

                      Should I use the Palm help that you pay for or is that likely to a futile conversation?

                      I'd like suggestions, but I think probably it is time for this Palm to go.


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                        sad news

                        My condolences!

                        I still have a sad longing for my old Visor, which was considerably more reliable than its T/X replacement.

                        I wonder if a new battery would solve the problem? It might be worth a last-ditch try?

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