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GTD outlook plugin - DEFER task versus TASK task?

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  • GTD outlook plugin - DEFER task versus TASK task?

    I've been using the Outlook plugin for some time and am very pleased with it. I did have a question. What is the difference between using the DEFER button and selecting a task versus using the TASK button and creating a task.

    I usually use the defer button to create appointments and when you select the task option from the defer dialog box it brings up a task form that is almost identical to using the task button. The only difference seems to be that the email is stored in the @deferred folder instead of the @actions folder.

    Can someone explain how you would use it differently?


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    Felix -- It seems to me that you have answered your own question. When you use the "Defer" button with the Task option, you get both an Appointment to deal with the e-mail and a Task. When you use the "Task" button, you get just a Task. In addition the e-mails are stored in different folders, as you pointed out.

    So which you use for a particular e-mail is really a matter of choice/working style/need. If the e-mail is such that you want/need to block out some time to deal with it on or before a certain date, then use Defer. If you want to handle it more "contextually" then just use the Task method.

    Hope that helps some.


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      Defer task only creates a task. It doesn't create apptmt.

      When I've used the defer button and select task, it only creates a task. It does not create an appointment and a task.

      It would make sense that the defer button should always create an appointment. AND then give the option to also create a task but it doesn't.