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NoteTaker Wallet (men's) Question

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  • NoteTaker Wallet (men's) Question

    I just received my NoteTaker wallet and love, can't imagine how I lived without it?

    My question is do any of your carry your NoteTaker wallet in your back pocket with the Rotring Pen? I worry about it breaking if I do that?

    Has the NoteTaker replaced your regular wallet?


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    So Far So Good, No Worries

    My NoteTaker wallet has been in my back pocket every day for the past several months now and I haven't given it a second thought. Yes, it's my regular wallet



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      It's been my regular wallet for months, far superior to the cheaper Wenger PadFolio I was using before. But I immediately replaced the Rotring with a Fisher Black Titanium Bullet Space Pen. The tip of the Rotring seemed sturdy enough for breakage not to be an issue, but I didn't care for the pen's ink, which required too much pressure to flow onto the paper as soon as a started to write, which was irritating, since I'd often have to precede my note with a small scribble to get the ink going. The capsule form factor of the Space Pen would probably be a better choice for you aren't reassured that the Rotring's barrel will hold up under the pressure of chair sitting.


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        I keep mine in my back pocket and have never had a problem with it.


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          2nd NoteTaker - six years - no worries

          I'm on my second NoteTaker Wallet (gave the first to my wife as a most welcomed "pocket purse" for concerts, hikes, etc.). I've used the NT as my only wallet for all of that time and have never had a pen break.

          I always have a spare refill and pad stashed in my computer bag too. There is nothing more frustrating than running out of ink or paper when traveling!


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            In my backpocket (jeans) all the time. "Sit" on it, etc. On my nightstand when I go to bed. No problems at all.

            Yes, it's my wallet. I carry a few cards, insurance stuff. Cash I usually stuff in a pocket somewhere. I use the pocket right under the notepad as an InBox.