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Blackberry Gtd and Todo Matrix

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  • Blackberry Gtd and Todo Matrix

    Hello guys, I've done a review of a great Gtd application called Todo Matrix that I'm currently test driving for Gtd over at my blog

    I have to say, so far so good, it certainly has a lot of possibilities I hope we can carry a discussion
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    Hello Jorge (by the way, I love the way your name's spelt ),

    I'm a really heavy Blackberry-Mac-Microsoft Outlook (via Parallels) GTDer. (Infact I currently have some 761 items in my tasks (including Projects and Someday/Maybe's) in some 48 odd categories).

    I've gone through you detailed review on To-Do Matrix, thanks so much for posting that. Seems like an interesting app, a couple of steps higher than what is currently offered by the Tasks module in Blackberry. However, I'd only be keen to implement it if the app can be seamlessly synced with my Outlook tasks.



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      Yeah I know what you mean, Outlook task are very important for a lot of people, Todo Matrix does have a wireless sync desktop which I'm going to try soon and see how it does, but right now I stop syncing Outlook task to see how my productivity varies, so far I must say its going very well without a desktop component, making me re-think my Outlook task position, I just love the Projects in Todo Matrix, If you try it, let me know to compare features

      have a great day and thanks for the name, lol


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        Has anybody discovered many hidden projects in their NA list

        It happened to me recently on a weekly review, I discovered I had 14 projects which needed to put under the DA's scrutiny as far as "what's the purpose or outcome you want from a particular task/project? Has it happened to anybody as well, also, if so what categories has you setup ?


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          Blackberry as high-speed modem?

          Hello Dr. Ledesma,

          I have an off-topic question I would like to ask about the Blackberry.

          I've been attracted to the Treo, for a number of reasons, but lately I've read read in Business Week that the Treo 700 can be used as a fairly high-speed modem for a laptop, obviating the need for a data card. That makes the Treo 700P (apparently only the Palm version of the 700 has this modem capability) especially appealing to me. When I mentioned this to my wife today, she asked if the Blackberry can be used as a modem. Do you happen to know the answer?


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            Originally posted by smithdoug View Post
            ...she asked if the Blackberry can be used as a modem. Do you happen to know the answer?
            I have an answer for you: Yes.

            There are some articles on the net about using the BlackBerry as a modem:
            Using your BlackBerry as a Bluetooth Modem

            No wifi, no hotspot? Get Internet connection on your Laptop using your BlackBerry


            Regarding the todoMatrix issue not syncing with Outlook: This is a killer for the application. I just can't use it because of that lack of feature.

            The wireless sync desktop you mentioned jorge is something i would never use personally. It sends all my data to a server of them and who knows what they are doing with that? Who knows this server is secure and will not be hacked some time? Is the connection secure? (I don't know because it never was an option and so I did no research) However, it seems to be a big security hole to send tasks through the internet to a server I don't know. So todoMatrix is a "no-go" for me. I will keep using NextAction! until I find something better.


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              Default Blackberry as high-speed modem?

              Sorry for the delay, but yes for sure you just have to go the rim site and find the ones that say tethered modem I believe, good luck