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    One of the most useful things I have found about Outllook is it's ability to define rules to automatically sort email. One of the most frustrating things about Outllook is that it limits these rules to 32k (!). I have been using the program at the following location -

    - to great effect. It means that instead of opening my Inbox every morning to a mass of unsorted emails, they are at least categorized into folders - Client Comms, CPD Comms, Family Comms etc. This means that I can get straight to dealing with any emails from Clients first and then take it from there.

    It also means that the only ones remaining in my Inbox (the ones I see first) are the ones that are out of the ordinary; these are the emails that have the highest probability of requiring urgent attention.

    Hope this is of use to you all - let me know what you think.

    Kindest regards,