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Canadian Accounting Software for Mac

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  • Canadian Accounting Software for Mac

    A few months ago I was desperately searching for a new accounting package to replace my aging (OS 9) package. Finding a Canadian version of GST/PST compatible accounting software is almost impossible, at least one that runs on OS-X on a Mac! From threads in other forums I know that this is a sore issue with many Mac users. Well I found one, and I thought I'd post this here for any other Canadians searching like I did. It's called MoneyWorks and it comes from Cognito Software in New Zealand. It's 'Canadianized' for GST/PST and actually runs on either Mac or Windows. I downloaded the free trial and liked it so purchased it just before Christmas so I could convert my bookkeeping over to it for the new year.
    Well.. I was so impressed I bought the company! Just kidding... I've always wanted to say that. But I was impressed and have become an evangelist for this great piece of software. So much so in fact, that I've created a new website for it and have become a reseller. So if any Canadians out there are looking for some great accounting software, for Mac or PC/Windows, check out If you have any questions about it, just let me know.

    (I know this may be considered 'self-promotion' and I guess it is, but I know I had such a hard time finding decent software that I'm sure those that are in the same situation I was in will appreciate it.)