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Netcentrics GTD Add-in for Outlook 2.5

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  • Netcentrics GTD Add-in for Outlook 2.5

    The latest release of the new add-in has been out for a while, though admittedly I've just upgraded my copy. So far I like what I see.

    I was actually afraid the new project dialog would be over-engeneered and hard to use, but so far it seems to be extremely useful and easy.

    I'm curious what experiences others have had?

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    That About Sums It Up

    "extremely useful and easy".... couldn't say it any better than that. Anything that reduces drag on the system is good



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      Great add-in but could be aswesome

      When I finally discovered GTD I was heavily invested and committed to Vista and Outlook 2007. Luckily at this time the add-in support for Outlook 2007 wasn't that far away so I held off fully implementing GTD until that time.

      I am a heavy Outlook user and realised early on that if I was going to devote and open myself to GTD then I need as much help as I could get (book, audio CD's and add-in).

      I've been using the add-in now for nearly two months and I do seem to be suffering with small problems. My latest is that the Add-in can be set to delete the original email after its placed its own copy of it in the relevant folder in the system. Once the email is in there I don't want the original still sitting in my Inbox. For some reason its just stopped deleting the original.

      Before this I had a problem with my @Waiting For folder where the add-in wouldn't place anything in there if that was the action. In fact it would complain about my @Waiting For folder no matter what the action was. Simply returning everything from this folder into the Inbox, deleting the folder and using a handy option of the add-in to re-create the GTD folder structure within Outlook has solved the problem.

      The support received from NetCentrics has been very good. They have worked with me to sort all of my problems with the add-in and are helping me work through the most current issue. I've fed in one or two feature requests and they've taken them on board happily.

      As I mentioned earlier I'd watched and desperately waited for the add-in to support Outlook 2007 BUT was hugely deflated and disappointed to see that at the same time it didn't run on Vista.

      As the plug-in doesn't YET support Vista I was torn between going back to XP and running the add-in or staying on Vista and working out how to implement GTD within Outlook 2007 myself. So I opted for a compromise. I run Vista as my host OS and run an XP virtual machine allowing me to use the Add-in.

      I think the add-in could do with a huge face lift especially when you use it with Outlook 2007. It seems to me that the latest version that supports Outlook 2007 has just been made to run with it rather than to nicely integrate with it. Most parts of it still look like Outlook 2000 with only a small part (ribbon integration) looking like it belongs here with Microsoft's latest office application.

      You are right in that it is extremelly useful and easy to use. How many applications look great but are unusable or unworkable. In this area Netcentrics have done all of the hard work and all thats left to do is to make it look like it belongs integrated into Outlook.

      Now that I have it, I would NOT be without it. I've found that it offers me a framework for working through the GTD processes. Without this I'm not sure I would have grasped and progressed as well as I have done.

      Hope this helps.



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        Netcentrics Add on

        I just upgraded a few weeks ago and really love it. There are a few features that are especially helpful:

        - Project List interface - it is really nice to be able to pull up the Project, add some notes for reference and really manage a project from this view.

        - Sub Projects - this is nice for the big projects that have little milestones/pieces

        - Send Options - this is really nice - It makes it really easy to track the @WaitingFor item

        There are lots of other things, but, these are the items that come to mind with a quick response.

        I highly recommend it!



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          GTD Add-in and MLO?


          I'm a huge fan of the new version of the add-in. Simply awesome, although I'm also a big fan of MyLife Organized. However, the task sync between these two tools doesn't yield the results I'd like.

          Does anyone have recommendations about using MLO in conjunction with Outlook and the GTD Add-in?