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Where can I buy Guide Height Manilla folders in the UK?

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  • Where can I buy Guide Height Manilla folders in the UK?

    Preferably economic, recycled ones which are straight-cut or 1/3 cut (, though this isn't strictly necessary.

    Failing that, are there any workarounds for making the tabs on foolscap-size tabbed folders stick out beyond the hanging "Pendaflex" folders? I'm reluctant to staple the bottoms, and the trouble with both paperclips and staples is that heavier file-folders may rip the staples/force the clips off the file.

    I know a lot of UK/European GTDers are keen for the answers to this question, so all contributions greatfully received!

    Thanks for your time,


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    151 views and not a single response? Is everyone as stuck for ideas as I am on this front, then?


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      Try this link

      I use these. They do a foolscap size too but you need to guillotine the ends evenly off those to fit them in a standard filing cabinet.


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        Avery Tabbed Folders Heavyweight FC

        I've come across two sources.

        Staples have tabbed folders - but the card is too light weight. I find the card flimsy so the tabs bend. They aren't nice/strong enough when filled with lots of info and dont re-use well.

        So I've switched to 'Avery Tabbed Folders Heavyweight FC' - available special order from Rymans (direct for delivery or pick up at your local shop) or Viking. They come in 5 colours. I'm using blue at home: code 20613 and Buff (20612) at work. The others are Green 20614, Pink 20617 and Yellow 20619.

        They are a pleasure to use, robust when used on the road and re-label well. So I think it's worth the investment.


        PS Bisley make some filing cabinets which use compressor plates.