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New GTD App for OS X

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  • New GTD App for OS X

    Just thought I'd share this new GTD app. I'm not using it because I need an app that syncs with my Treo and other computers but it is interesting and looks neat.

    UPDATE: after playing with it a bit more, I'm finding that you can sync contexts via ical. I'm liking it more and more... Maybe it's time to switch from Life Balance.
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    I tried it out and have found it hard to understand. I will keep trying it during the evaluation period. Still, I have tried lots of these new GTD apps and am learning that there isn't any real improvement over what I have been using (Palm built in apps, Life Balance, and some other Palm OS outliners), because it always comes down to being reminded of: 1. what you need to do [all these programs do this];2. when and where you can do it [Life Balance or Palm to-do categories work best for me], and then 3. Doing it. (So far I haven't found a program that makes me do this.) I have been fiddling way too much and doing way too little.



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      I'm a little tired of Life Balance though. They haven't updated it significantly in a long time. Sometimes it's hard to differentiate between tasks on the lists because they don't have background colors. And it's syncing with ical leaves a lot to be desired. I like LB but am open to new apps if they're current and a significant improvement. Keep me posted on how it goes. I'm going to play with it a bit more, too.


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        you may also wish to check out iGTD

        Hi there!

        After test driving MidnightBeep's Inbox, I must say I wasn't enthousiastic. It is too difficult for me to understand.

        One application which I am currently test driving and which I feel is much easier to understand (I notice myself inventing new tasks just to use the app) is iGTD ( It is for OS X only. It seems quite new, as a new update appears every two days or so.

        Best wishes,



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          Another thumbs up for iGTD

          I have tried all of the available Mac apps for GTD and iGTD is for me by far the best. It has at least the functionality of kGTD but with a much better interface. Nice Quicksilver integration and loads of keyboard shortcuts make it a dream to use


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            The problem I have with all those Mac OS X GTD app's is they don't sync my Project lists to my palm. They seem to all automatically take any To-Do category beginning with an @ and create a calendar and sync that but I also have Projects, Pending and Maybe/Sometime as categories in my to-do list on the palm. These don't get synced with the things like iGTD. I assume they see the Palm as an action tool not a planning tool.

            Waiting for OmniFocus ...



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              This application MAY look good to some, but not to this GTDer. This is one of the most popular Mac applications in general (!) for the last few weeks (not just a GTD application), but it looks complicated, and, frankly, unnecessary. You can use a simple Datebook with categories for context on your Palm/Windows Pocket Handheld to achieve better results.

              The opinion above represents only my opinion -- a heavy Palm/Mac/GTD user for the last 5 years. I have tried out most available applications for Palm/Mac over the course of these 5 years including and not limited to: LifeBalance, ShadowPlan, Bonsai, Datebk3/4/5, Progect, DayLite (Mac), iCal (Mac), Entourage (Mac), and the best one for me is Datebk5 by far on any platform.


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                Not sure which app you are saying is too complicated - Midnight Beep or iGTD. I'd agree if the former.


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                  iGTD? Omnifocus? Paper+ iCal?

                  I've been trying iGTD for about two weeks now. The time between versions is very short, so breakage gets fixed quickly. However, I have had problems with duplication and deletion of whole categories, and who needs that? Because I don't like the interface, my decision to not use iGTD is easy.

                  Omnifocus may be another story. The Omnigroup blog posted a feature list and screenshot yesterday, and it looks reasonable. In the meantime, I have extended some applescripts picked off the web so that they dump my next action list and project list from iCal into rtf files via TextEdit, which I can then print out. Surprisingly useful. I still hate the size and color of the fonts in iCal, though.


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                    The Omnifocus preview is here


                    if people are interested.



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                      re: michael

                      Ready-Set-Do! provides the ability to sync your projects lists via iCal or to print them out.
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                        I switched from LifeBalance to iGTD because iGTD integrates much better with iCal. This is key for me. I have not had any issues with duplication. :knock on wood: Yes, iGTD updates very regularly. I really like iGTD.

                        I tried midnight beep's Inbox but couldn't get the "capture" part of it to work. The developer responded with some tips to get it working but those didn't fix the issues.


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                          There is a movie preview of OmniFocus at