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Another possible outlook implementation for GTD

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  • Another possible outlook implementation for GTD

    I have been using a program called Clear Context IMS Professional for implementing GTD and TWC (Total Work Day Control) -- I am finding it very helpful. Installation was a breeze. It comes with the TWC settings already implemented and it has a GTD configuration users manual that is free

    Installation so far was clean and efficent.

    I think it is one of the more outstanding MS office email add-on applications for implementing TWC and GTD time management systems. For me it has become a high powered organizational tool with a seperate topic structure for subcategories for implementing your tasks, appoinments and e-mails enabling both context and category filtering. This offers you to seperate category structures enabling the end-user to sort seperately by subject and by context giving it great potential for GTD project planning applications. It even has topic trees for greater topic association. Plus it has scoring adjustments to analyze each threads importance and color labeling configurations.

    The only problem I face was trying to unistall but I don't think it is something that you will want to uninstall.

    I do have to say however that unlike's Covey's Plan Plus 4.0 outlook add-on which is riddled with programming errors that freeze up and slow down outlook 2003 to a crawl clear context IMS Pro has made it a breeze to run.

    What has other people's experiences been with this program? I am anxious to hear?

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    I also use clear context , there is a free cutdown version , and a pro version .
    I tried the pro version for 30 days and then bought it.

    It is an excellent application for processing emails, I use it mainly for filing customers emails ito various categories very quickly ,
    Like the GTD add in it supports delegating , deleting , tasking etc from emails.
    I do not really use the colour coding feature or prioritise emails.

    I convert emails directly to tasks and then apply the category from that.
    For projects I use another addin : Jello gtd