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1/3 cut manila folders in Australia?

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  • 1/3 cut manila folders in Australia?

    Hi all. I'm new to GTD (the book is called How to Get Things Done in Australia, for some special secret reason ). It's been very easy to set up so far, but I have hit a hurdle with the -- what you might think would be very easy -- step of getting 1/3 cut manila folders. They do not appear to be easily available in Australia (!!). Avery have 1/5 cut folders which I use for filing under author in my research collection, but 1/3 cut seems to be too esoteric.

    I've also tried to buy them through and their many, many marketplace partners, but at Checkout time, a red flag always says "sorry, we don't ship to your destination".

    Are there any Aussies in this forum who have been able to source 1/3 cut manilla folders for use in their GTD system?

    I'm happy enough to use full-cut ones, but by this stage I'm making it a point to see if it is even possible to get hold of these bloody things!