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  • GTD & PocketPC

    Anyone implementing GTD using PocketPC?

    On my Jornada, I use two third party applications to implement GTD:

    *PocketInformant - very nicely integrates the native Tasks, Contacts and Calendar

    *Listpro - managers all other non-Next Action Lists, including my project list, project plans, etc.

    It seems that most people who have been posting over the years have been using Palms. Just curious to see if anyone has gone the PocketPC route.

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    Yeah, I've used the Pocket PC for GTD. I also found Pocket Informant to be an excellent calendar/todo replacement app. And ListPro on the PPC is stellar. I just never liked either program very well for GTD projects & next action management... they didn't have the kinesthetics where I'd want to "live" in them every day for a lot of work. So I went to Excel+Pocket Excel. I write that up for PocketPC Magazine in an article due to be published this month; if you want a copy email me & I'll send it over. Pocket Excel was my favorite on the iPAQ overall. But I got hooked on the Sony Clie Palm, it has such a great high-res screen and a little mini built-in keyboard. And with the Palm, you don't have to spend so much time futzing around, it just works.



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      Pocket PC

      I'm using GTD on Pocket PC, have been since I first read the book like a year or so ago. Using it on a Cassiopeia EM-500. Huge fan.
      I don't use any third-party apps, have found a couple of ways to make Pocket Outlook behave exactly the way I want it to, and it minimizes the number of action steps I have to take to actually MAINTAIN my lists.
      I'm kind of joined at the hip to MS Outlook on my desktop, so my mission became making Pocket Outlook work as well as I could make it.

      VERY interested, though, in seeing the Outlook GTD add-in that's coming. David and Company seem to have the Midas touch, I'm looking forward to what's around the corner.

      Note to DayneB: Go Leafs Go! (Born & raised in Toronto.)


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        GTD & Pocket PC

        I'm using an iPaq and Developer One's Agenda Fusion rather than PocketInformant. Works really well for next actions but less so for tracking Projects - or maybe that's just my application of it.

        I also use ListPro for a variety of "routines"/checklists (inc. Weekly Review), but not for projects.

        I'd be interested to hear how you track projects on ListPro. When I tried it, it seemed a bit cumbersome going back & forth between it & the Outlook/Fusion next actions lists.

        I've also been considering using D1's OutAline outliner for tracking projects, goals etc. but have not got very far with it yet. Anyone tried it?



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          You might look at for a pretty good article on using Agenda Fusion for projects and planning. Looks like it would be useful for GTD. I'm just getting started using a Pocket PC and miss some of the "zen" of Palm OS but like the screen and other features of the PPC.


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            Use use ListPro to create and manage my project plans. When the view is collapsed, I have an outline of all my active projects and their due dates. In the notes section, I state my project purpose, value and sucessfull outcomes. If it's a complex project and can add things like constraints, skills and knowledge, and resources needed. (taken from the more traditional project planning method)

            Once the project plan is set, I click one button and am ready to create delivarables (not pure GTD but it helps me to create next actions) and next actions. Each Next Action has the project it's related to, the context and the due date. Once complete, I can follow the GTD approach of viewing my calender and next action list daily.


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              ... and Go Raptors as well.

              I also synch to Outlook although 90% of the time, my planning and execution is done on my Jornada.

              I don't understand why PocketPC does allow you to merge your tasks and Calender (so tasks that are now due on a certain day, will now show on your calender) but PocketInformant overcomes that. I also love it's ability to link to other Tasks, Appointments, or other files. The ability to switch your tasks to appointments and vice versa is invaluable to me as well.


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                to pstmstr

                I went to the site and they now recommend PocketInformant over Agenda Fusion ...

                Another Planning Contender Dept. Jeff Kirvin
                Pocket Informant has leap-frogged Agenda Fusion in the planning wars with their new 3.2 upgrade. The new version adds to the excellent category management and saved views of 3.11 by giving you the ability to see today's tasks in the graphical "blocks of time" day view. This makes it even easier to convert tasks to "appointments with yourself" and ensure you get things done. If that weren't enough, the day view also adds a little bar to the top of the screen allowing you to see the entire day at a glance, even if you have the regular blocks set to 15 minute intervals, and quickly jump to any part of the day where you have free time.


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                  Agenda Fusion and GTD

                  Either one work pretty well, Agena Fusion just released version 4.55 this week, which improves quite a few features. I tried PI but purchased Agenda Fusion since I like it a little better for my purpose.


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                    Listpro, Notes, Tasks and WIS bar

                    I've just begun getting to grips with GTD over the last couple of weeks.

                    After a bit of playing around, I'm using:

                    Tasks for next actions

                    Listpro for projects and checklists (I find it really helpful to have Next Actions and project plans in separate compartments.)

                    Notes (voice recorder on the ipaq) for capturing ideas when I'm walking the dog, around the house or otherwise away from the keyboard. I find you can take notes one handed even with the slip case on.

                    WISbar to move effortlessly between Listpro and Tasks.

                    You need to be careful synchronising listpro: remember that a set of lists is a single file, so it is easy to have changes on both pc and pocketpc at the same time. Then you need to sacrifice one set.

                    I have a couple of couple of small today addins, tAgenda and Launcher which seem to cover the 80% of Agenda that I'd actually use.


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                      agenda fusion and other pocket pc tools

                      I prefer agenda fusion - esp the task by category. I also use pocket mindmap for all other outlines, lists etc, esp. useful with the task link into pocket outlook.

                      This works well for me with Outlook and Ygnius on the desktop.

                      Personaly I have been using mindmapping style outlines for a few years on paper but the digital option of linking files, images etc. makes a useful tool for the pocket pc and IMHO works very well with GTD principles - of which I am still a mere novice




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                        I'm very new to Pocket Mindmap but like the visualization it allows to drill all projects down to the next actions required. Any tips you can give the rest of us rookies on using it with GTD.


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                          Mindmaps and GTD


                          I have found that mindmaps are ideal for breaking projects/activities etc down into manageable chunks - having read the book I also found that getting to an action can be achieved easily - then from either pocket mind map or desktop equivalent an action can be asigned and fired into Outlook either for myself or to someone else. The use of categories from within pocketmindmaps supports the outlook categories as per GTD

                          The maps become 'living' lists tracking activities, new ideas, links to documents. I use these in line with project files to cope with the fact that not everything is digital. A copy of the latest map goes in the project file and is used as part of the weekly review

                          Like everything it works for me.

                          Happy to share further details




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                            Am I right in thinking that the basic function of a mind mapper is to build up a hierarchichal list?

                            I have flirted with mindjet's mapper on the desktop (loved it, but a bit expensive when I have Listpro for a tenth of the proce already). Does this really work on a pocket screen?

                            Listpro does the job for me, for:

                            lists of projects, exploding to brainstorms and plans:
                            checklists at all levels, from "why am I here?" to "which of the kids are on washing up duty for tea today?"

                            It actually works better for a general brainstorm, because with a mind mapper you usually think ABOUT an idea when you note it down. With a list processor you just have to think OF the idea. Following brainstorming rules, you think ABOUT it at the next stage. This reduces the risk of filtering out ideas prematurely.


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                              Pocket Mindmap also lets you link your outlined tasks to Outlook tasks where ListPro does not.