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NextAction - install query

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  • NextAction - install query

    Just downloaded NextAction to my BB 8100 Pearl (via the OTA method).

    It hangs as soon as I try opening the program. I don't get to see it in operation to any extent whatsoever. I have to take the battery out to do a reset.

    My regular BB Tasks application works fine, and syncs without problem with my PC.

    I sync wirelessly.

    I'm not a technical person, but for what it may be worth I have compared the Permissions of both NextAction and Tasks, and they are identical (ie. Options/Advanced/Applications/NextAction/Permissions).

    Any ideas?

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    Bad news / good news !

    The bad news is that the good folk at NextAction tell me that there are some compatibility issues with NextAction. They are working on these but, for now, it won't work on my Blackberry.

    The good news is that I was impressed by their customer service. A couple of very prompt emailed responses, which ultimately led to a no-quibble refund. Customer service like that means I'll certainly give them another whirl when the next version is released.


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      Works fine for me

      Yeah! Their support is great, I know.

      Anyway, I have NextAction! running on my Pearl and it works fine. So it seems to be a problem of your BlackBerry or OS version you are running. Did you try to update your BlackBerry OS?


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        My OS is shown as v.

        Does that seem like the latest?

        (on Vodafone in the UK)


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          Hmm... I am running and I have no problems.

          Did you try to delete all tasks and then restart NextAction!? Perhaps some tasks are corrupt and therefor it crashes on startup.

          How many tasks do you have? How long did you wait until you took the battery out?