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    Has anyone tried using the GTD approach with the Basecamp application? If so, I'd appreciate hearing about the experience and how B/C was adapted to the GTD methods. Thanks in advance. L3

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    I've got a Basecamp account but I haven't used it for GTD. I know many have, so I think your best bet is to try a search on "basecamp gtd" - I just did, and there was a lot of material.


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      basecamp GTD

      Tried it very briefly for GTD- great application generally but i could not get it to work as a GTD tool. One big issue I have with online apps is what to do offline - I've still not solved this.


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        Basecamp GTD

        I have been experiementing with setting up Basecamp for my GTD and am pleased with how far it has come for me. It's not perfect but works for me thus far. I am also interested in hearing what others have done who might use basecamp as well for tips to improve what I am doing.

        I am in sales and here is how I have it set up:

        If you use basecamp, you'll see that it is project oriented and the first thing I did was set up a general project area. Inside under the to do lists I created several lists. For example, Projects List, Someday/Maybe Lists, Calls, Office actions etc.

        After that I created several additional users like My Project, My Call, My Office Action, and the people who help me work with my clients are also users as well.

        For each client, I've created a general to do list template that I need to use each time I work with them. If it's a call I assign it to My Call. If it's an office action, then I assign it to My Office Action and if it is a task for someone else I assign it to them and they are notified via email.

        Then from the main dashboard screen you can choose tasks assigned to each user that you create, like calls, etc. And the nice thing is they are also tied to the projects they relate to.

        I've also created some to do lists in the general section that relate to the stages each client is in and assign them to a user My Clients. Then when I select the tasks assigned to My Clients I get a quick list of where all my clients stand at the moment. At each weekly review I review this list and update it accordingly. I also print out My Project user task list and have a clear idea of all my projects by doing this.

        I can also see what tasks I am waiting for by picking the tasks assigned to specific people and know exactly what is pending with them.

        Each of the tasks lists, I then print out and put in a binder I created.

        Another thing I did was create a user called My Must Do and during my weekly review I pick out my most important tasks and assign it to that user. Then I select the tasks assigned to My Must Do's, print it out and put it in the front of the rest of my next actions.

        The great thing about basecamp is that you then have access to your lists from any computer. You can store files up there and access them from any computer. If there is a downside to basecamp is that you cant sync it to outlook or palms, but the printouts I have come to like better anyway.


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          Printouts are not fantastic, I mean.
          And I would suggest that "tags" would work better as context as different users representing you yourself do, or am I wrong?