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Web-based Time Management for Geeks

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  • Web-based Time Management for Geeks

    Hey All-

    Just found the forums here-- neat!

    I've been working on a project with a few friends that (after a bit of encouragement from friends and colleagues) we've decided to push out to the rest of the world. It's a "side project" - i.e. I have a day job and have no immediate financial aspirations for the project, but I WOULD love to get some feedback and hear if people think it would be as useful as I think it'll be.

    There is some info and screenshots up at - it's aimed squarely at the lifehackin' geek market, so I'm hoping that folks here might have some interesting thoughts/questions.

    Anyhoo, I look forward to diving into some other threads here. Thanks much for your time (if you made it this far!).

    -Tony Wright