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Desk Supplies Organizer (for pens, clips, etc.)

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  • Desk Supplies Organizer (for pens, clips, etc.)

    I'm on a fruitless quest for the perfect desktop organizer (not a virtual one - to organize desk supplies on a real desk). Ideally it'll have 6+ compartments for small items, a couple of slots or vertical spots where I could stash index cards and a pad of post-its, 2-3 places for pens and other tall items, a smallish but not tiny stapler and maybe a couple of larger spots where I could keep a roll of tape.

    I know I could get a separate pen caddy, etc., but I don't want the clutter of multiple things on my desk - I'm looking for a single unit that can hold lots of stuff in separate compartments.

    I don't think this Ultimate Organizer actually exists - I've looked at all the office supply sites, googled like crazy, checked out the specialty sites like Levenger and Lidell....and there actually aren't that many options out there.

    But - if anyone has ideas - it would be the folks here!

    Any and all suggestions welcome.


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    I use a simple, not particularly beautiful one that Staples sells. It's their Item 806950 (Model 10604-CC):

    Staples Rotating Organizer, 8"H x 7 1/2"D, 11 Compartments

    Here's a picture (don't know if this will work):

    It's inexpensive, functional, and takes up very little space. Mine holds sticky notes, correcting pens, pens, highlighters, scissors, letter opener, staple remover, rubber bands, and paper clips. In fact, I carry one to sell to clients when I'm consulting - very handy.

    FYI I've listed this and other basic processing supplies on my Amazon "listmania" list: Basic Processing Tools for Personal Productivity/Workflow.


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      How much of that stuff do you actually use? And how often?

      After my own fruitless search for the Ultimate Organizer, I booted almost everything to a desk drawer. My desk surface now has:
      * One large pen cup. Also holds scissors and letter opener.
      * One three-bin letter sorter. Holds 3x5 memo pads (aka Ubiquitous Capture Device) and serves as a mini-inbox for inbound financial stuff.
      * One letter-size standing file (mesh). Holds larger notepads, calendar, project notebook.

      The drawer unit next to my desk holds post-it notes, stapler, tape, paper clips, binder clips, rubber bands, erasers, fountain pen ink, mechanical pencil leads, stamps, and other miscellanea.



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        I moved all of this stuff to a drawer. Works great because in order to do that, I had to clean out a drawer. Works great because that made me do some collecting I hadn't bargained for. My desk is heavy wood and the top is about four-and-a-half feet deep and about five-and-a-half feet wide. Having this all clear really helps me feel clean and clear for what I have to do at the moment.


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          Originally posted by kewms View Post
          How much of that stuff do you actually use? And how often?
          Actually, the items I listed in my original post get daily use. That's why they're on my desk. And that's why I asked for organizer suggestions rather than input on whether what I had was necessary

          Thanks for the ideas, all.


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            I have one favourite pen that follows me everywhere and all the rest of my stationary lives in a small tool/tackle box with heaps of compartments. Seems to fit everything in neatly and sits on my desktop. This is a remnant from a graphic design course I had started, for which we had to carry an extensive set of pens around with us all the time. I don't take it with me anywhere now but I still find it useful for keeping everything in one place. I had considered getting a proper stationary organizer but none of them seemed just right to me either.

            I Don't know how well it would work for anyone else as I am a student and only have a home GTD setup so don't have the same type of environment as those working in an office might do.


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              I'm not sure how big your desk is but one idea that may help is to check out "Shelf Savers" by Eldon. You can build-your-own organizational caddy for all sorts of situations. They are meant for organizing office supply closets/shelves but work just as well on the desktop. You can view them here:
              or Google "Eldon Shelf Savers".

              Hope this helps!


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                I think the person should put the things which is frequently used, otherwise ignore everything and put them at different place. According to me one pan case is enough on the table with the other stationary.


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                  Desk Supplies Organizer

                  Yes it would be better if you will just keep those things that are important to your desk then put to another place those you are not always using.


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                    There are smaller sizes as well. Two large pockets in the back big enough to hold spare file folders and 6 smaller pockets in front.


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                      Do NOT use a desk supply organizer ON your table. Supplies belong into drawers and only destract from your workflow if put elsewhere. Look at THIS very helpful article for the most productive GTD office solution.


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                        Just to clarify----

                        there is no "rule" from GTD or David Allen about not having a desk supply organizer on your desk. That could certainly work for some, but would be personal preference.


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                          Best ever desk organizer

                          Have you considered making one? If you are able to identify clearly what you would like to get out of a desk organizer, you may do better to simply create one. This can be done by repurposing other pre-made equipment, or from scratch.

                          Just a thought. It may cost you less time to plan it out and create it than it does to surf and search and surf and search for the perfect one.



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                            Desk Supplies Organizer (for pens, clips, etc.)

                            Mahogany Wood Tones Desk Organizer

                            Manufacturer: Rolodex. Sold Individually. Solid wood pieces designed with soft curves to create a sleek, Euro look of elegance on any desktop. Nonskid pads protect furniture. Four compartments for notepads, messages, pens/pencils, clips, etc. Mahogan at
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