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Would like suggestions for PocketPC device for GTD

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  • Would like suggestions for PocketPC device for GTD

    Hello. I am thinking of buying a PocketPC device to help with my GTD implementaiton. One of the things I would use it for is as a ubiquitous capture device. My top two choices are the Cingular 8525 because it has a pull out keyboard and the HP IPAQ HX2795 because it has a large screen and a fast processor. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I once owned the Ipaq 2795 before I moved to the Windows Mobile Treo and it was a fantastic device. I sure miss that screen!


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      I guess it is a tradeoff. The Cingular has a phone and a keyboard, but a slower processor and smaller screen. The HP has no phone and no keyboard, but a faster CPU and larger screen.


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        There's nothing inheritly processor-intensive about GTD, so I wouldn't worry much about the processor.

        In most GTD implementations you'll be reviewing, editing and perhaps syncing your lists (NAs, project list, someday/maybe, etc) and calendar. So I think the priorities would be:

        - easy to view/edit lists (so big screen is good and easy data entry is good)
        - easy to sync with pc (if that's what you want to do)


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          Cingular 8125

          I have the 8125 and love it. As a UCD (ubiquitous capture device) it works because it's also my phone; I never leave home without it. I much prefer having one device rather than two.

          I'm just going down the path of OneNote Mobile, synced with a laptop and a desktop, and so far have reason to hope it will work well.


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            I have an older HP iPaq, and I love it for managing my lists; but I would never use it for capture. I tried it -- believe me, I tried it -- and it almost ended with my high-tech toy smashed into a thousand tiny pieces. The handwriting recognition is pretty good, but it's just bad enough to be really annoying. The soft keyboard (the one that pops up on-screen that you type on with the stylus) is better, but just too slow for capturing a lot of information quickly. I suppose if I had blackberry-style thumb-operated keyboard, I could get a little quicker and it would be less annoying.

            In the meantime, I use a good-ole pocket-size moleskine for ubiquitous capture; then transfer it to my iPaq (or type it into Outlook if I'm sitting at my computer) when I've got enough time to do so. It means that I have to carry both my iPaq and a notebook, but I guess that's what messenger bags & backpacks are for. If I happen to be out and about without either (rarely, but it does happen), then I just use the voice recorder on my cell phone.

            Oh. Almost forgot... The built-in to-do/calendar are serviceable, but not all that great. I highly recommend spending the $20 or $30 to buy something like PocketInformant. The first two weeks I had it, I found myself constantly saying "It would be nice if it did xxx...", and then 5 minutes later I would discover that it did, in fact, do xxx.
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              Cingular 8525

              I thought I would chime in. I am using the Cingular 8525 with Pocket Informant 2007 for my GTD implementation and can't say enough good things about it. I did have the Cingular 8125, but upgraded about 6 months ago. Its twice as fast and the keyboard is very comfortable. If you get it, you'll love it!


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                Faceman - Does Pocket Informant only run on the mobile device? Is there no desktop version of it?


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                  Pocket Informant 2007

                  Originally posted by Don Goldstein View Post
                  Faceman - Does Pocket Informant only run on the mobile device? Is there no desktop version of it?
                  Yes as far as I know it is only a mobile application. But syncs real nice with outlook 2003/2007. I sync wirelessly through my companies exchange server. Real nice views and pretty easy to use. The software is much nicer than the standard software that comes with the mobile device, e.g. contact, tasks, calendar,etc. I installed the version that came with FC Plan Plus 4.0, seems a little stripped down compared to the full version, but so far with the features that I have, it works good. Now that we are on the topic, I might add a NA to download the trial full version of the software and check out the additional features not included in the version I have. Here is a link to the product site:


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                    Faceman - but if you are going to use Outlook on your desktop PC and Pocket Informant on your mobile device, wouldn't it be easier to use Outlook on both? Isn't it cumbersome to use one app on one device and another app on the other device?


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                      Don, I personally think its actually easier. The calendar view are much better in pocket informant that pocket outlook. In the tasks folder I sort by context, and in pocket outlook you cannot group by the categories (context). Its much easier to find a contact in PI than the standard contact manager on the device too. The program is also quite simple to use as well.


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                        PocketPC or Cingular 8525


                        I'm just catching up on your thread and thought I would give my view on the iPAQ 2790b. I chose a PPC over a smartphone because I found Blackberry-style keyboards to be slow. Also I didn't want a new phone so I carry two devices.

                        I selected the 2790b over the 2795 model because of the add 'l FlashROM allocated to storing apps (320Mbs vs 144Mbs). After just 2 weeks I am very pleased; contrary to others, I find it to be a very good capture device. I have even begun to rely on it for taking notes in meetings at work. Handwriting recognition is very good-about 95% accurate for me but I do have good penmanship (In fact I'm using it now).

                        The downside is the pocket Microsoft Office Suite -it is limited and thus I recommend PocketInformant as suggested by others. I have only used it for a week and found it very easy to learn and powerful.


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                          Using T-Mobile MDA with PocketInformant

                          I've used the MDA (Pocket PC) and PocketInformant (including Flexmail) for about a year now.

                          I like PocketInformant because it's easier to set-up various GTD categories (@Work, @Phone, etc) than the vanilla application the device comes with. Also, PocketInformant is good about coming out with frequent bug fixes and I've yet to pay any additional money so far.

                          The MDA has been quite reliable and T-Mobile will be launching the refresh of this device from HTC called, "The Wing". It will have Windows Mobile 6.

                          My next project is to get the T-Mobile Dash up and running -- this now has the Windows Mobile 6 O/S available as a free download.



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                            I have a Treo with Windows mobile, and the standard Outlook isn't as flexible as the desktop version - no category views, etc. I'm using PocketBreeze and PhatNotes...tried Pocket Informant too but it was kind of slow on the Treo and I ended up not needing much more than PB provided.


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                              PI is an enhancement to the basic Outlook apps on the Windows Mobile device. It overlays the resident programs and enhances their usability tremendously.