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Test or uninstall Outlook plugin

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  • Test or uninstall Outlook plugin

    Sorry to post this here, but NetCentric forums don't allow pre-buyers access. I'm looking for feedback from folks that have implemented the new version outlook plugin.

    I'm tempted to buy the Netcentric outlook plugin now, as the new version's project controls seem to be what I am missing in my current "custom" implementation of GTD in Outlook. I'm using a combination of lessons learned in the GTD Oulook implementation PDF and Linderberger's "Total Workday control using Outlook". How do I test the plugin, or demo it, without causing permanent changes to my existing Outlook settings and data files?

    Specifically, 2 questions:

    1. I have robust working files of tasks, email filing systems etc in place, that will undoubtedly be modified when I install then plugin. What happens to to all that "stuff".

    2. Suppose I go for the demo or just buy it and decide I don't like it. Are all my current custom settings, mail handling rules etc gone forever when I install the plugin? Does anyone have any "uninstall" or "go-back" experience they wish to share?

    sorry to seem skittish, but Outlook and the processes I've built around it and my custom settings are critical to my busy existance. I'm tempted to test an upgrade, but the risk that "permanent" or damaging changes that will require many hours of manual configuration to get me back to where I am now is a real deterrent.

    Your experiences?

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    I unistalled it and I didn't notice any changes. However I don't have special email folders set up and some of the other stuff. I do use some GTD manual set up and that still works after uninstalling.


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      First, you would probably have to register with the Netcentrics forums to post a question there (just as you have to on these forums here) but I donít think you have to register the software to post there. Alternatively, you could call Netcentrics, just as I did a week ago when I had a question.

      Iíve had some experience with uninstalling the Netcentrics add-in and it was pretty benign. It had no effect on my folder structure. If I recall correctly, some of the GTD-specific commands still appeared in some of the drop-down menus, but I was able to remove those and all vestiges of the program.

      FWIW, I was a very early adopter of the add-in but in a quest for something better uninstalled it several months ago while flirting with Clear Context and reading the Linenberger book. But now, Iím using the Netcentrics add-in with Outlook 2007óand OneNote 2007 and MindManager as companion piecesóand Iím quite pleased with the combination. (Itís been written that Outlook is probably the least-changed of the Office 2007 suite applications, but I find the improvements quite profound.)

      Of course, itís always wise to make a backup of your Outlook files before attempting any major change. When Iíve tested new Outlook add-ins and combinations Iíve tried them on a laptop first, before moving them to my mission-critical desk computer. If testing it on a second computer is an option for you, I would recommend that you print out the pdf userís manual that installs with the add-in and reading through the first 82 pages of the manual. Itís an excellent treatise on using the add-in to best effect. (The remainder of the manual appears to be the Davidco whitepaper on setting up Outlook manually.) If testing the add-in on a second computer isnít an option, I would suggest that you try to set aside a few to several uninterrupted hours to work through the manual and set up your ďworkĒ computer with the add-in.

      The screen shots in the manual appear to be of Outlook 2003. I hope Netcentrics (or Davidco) comes out with another edition of the manual with Outlook 2007 and some guidance on using some of the new OL2007 features in a GTD environment. I purchased Marc Orchantís new book ďThe Unofficial Guide to MS Outlook 2007Ē and find it a great help and a tremendous value. Mr. Orchant is a black belt GTD practitioner and certainly no stranger to these forums. Iíve gained much good advice from reading his blogs over the years, so picking up a copy of his book when I made the switch to OL2007 was a no-brainer; even though itís not a treatise on using New Outlook in a GTD environment. Unfortunately, I have a great deal going on right now and have been able to read his book only when I can steal away a few moments here and there, but every time I open it up I seem to pick up another trick or technique the value of which will likely exceed, over time, what I paid for the book ($18.99 retail, 500+ pages).