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Outlook: Contacts as Private

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  • Outlook: Contacts as Private

    Does anyone know whether this is possible?

    I have about 400 contacts in my Outlook address book at work. (Outlook 2000, by the way).

    They are divided into 5 Categories. 4 of these are personal, the remaining 1 is business.

    I want to mark all of the contacts in my 4 personal categories as 'Private'.

    This is because at the end of May my employer will be grabbing everyone's contact details that are not marked as Private, and integrating them into the company-wide contact management system.

    Is there a way of bulk-marking these contacts as Private? I can't face the prospect of doing them one by one.

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    Sorted. Thanks.


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      What was your solution?


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        A little awkward but it did the job...

        Went into contacts and changed the setting to VIEW/BY CATEGORY.

        I then went to the column headings, left-clicked and then selected FIELD CHOOSER. I then added the 'Private' field.

        I then expanded each of my 'personal' categories and worked my way down the screen manually ticking the Pirvate checkbox.

        It wasn't quite the bulk-edit solution I was after, but it was certainly quicker than opening up each individual contact file in turn.