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Anyone designing a GTD app for the iPhone?

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  • Anyone designing a GTD app for the iPhone?

    Would love to get an iPhone, but sticking with my Treo for now until someone figures out a way to make the iPhone GTD friendly. I know that the iPhone only allows 3rd party apps via the web.....anyone know if anything is being developed?

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    There are currently probably hundreds of web-based applications that can be used for your GTD system. The Safari browser that is in the iPhone is supposed to be essentially the same as the one that is available for the desktop. Theoretically, any web application that will run in Safari on the desktop should run in the iPhone as well. If you're a Windows user, you can download Safari for Windows at

    With this approach, you will want to keep in mind that you will only have acces to your data when you have Internet access.

    Having said all that, all you really need for a GTD system in a handheld is a place for tasks (next actions), contacts, calendar, and notes or other lists. The iPhone should have apps for all these built in.


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      re: GTD on iPhone

      The best way to think about development on the iPhone is to think of "widgets" -- like the kind you find using Dashboard in OS X on the mac. Widgets are not full-blown applications but they have some "elbow room" for developing a little extra functionality. Apple is still trying to strike the right balance between allowing third-party influence without that influence undermining the kind of user-experience Apple prides itself on maintaining. My bet is that Apple will streamline third-party influence through widget-like programs on the iPhone. This will be the way Apple still maintains control over the "look and feel of the iPhone" while at the same time allowing third-party development.

      Web-based GTD programs will not be the way to go on portable devices like the iPhone. The one time an internet connection gets dropped, the "trusted and reliable system" is no longer trusted and reliable. Currently there are a lot of programs that provide syncing todos and calendar events via iCal. Since the iPhone already works with iCal, I suspect that will be the way many GTDers on the mac platform decide to go. Another way would be to sync one's lists via email.


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        I guess one of you guys in the US will be first in the line to get an iPhone and tell us all about it soon

        But while we wait there are some reports by Mossberg, Pogue and Levy linked from which have a few crumbs of info. They used the calendar app, it works ok and it doesn't have a week view. No mention of `tasks'.



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          GTD on iphone

          Kinkless - the people who developed kGTD software (excellent GTD software application) are developing (or maybe working with people who are developing) an improved version called omnifocus. They intend for this to be made available on iphone.



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            According to David Pogue


            To-do's from the mac don't show up on the iPhone

            "Do To Do items show up on the iPhone? Do memos in the iPhone’s Notes program show up on the computer? No."



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              GTD for iPhone?

              I'm afraid that the GTDers are not the target market for the iPhone. So trying to implement GTD using the iPhone may be the fashion-driven decision - not the rational one. One can try implement GTD using the iPod Shuffle (@context playlists of Next Action podcasts) but I think we should rather choose the right tool for the job - not the right job for the tool.


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                Hi TesTeq

                You are right but it does suprise me that it doesn't support even the basic ToDo part of iCal. It also implements the minimal sync approach of iSync where events on the iPhone don't have calendars and all get synced into some fixed calendar you choose on the mac. Little things like that would seem fixable without too much trouble.

                I guess I'll stick to my shuffle



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                  Apple is always ready to disappoint the user.

                  Apple is always ready to disappoint the user and tell him that the lack of the feature is the advantage (for example no FM radio in iPods).


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                    Evaluating GTD on the iPhone (Switching from Palm Treo)

                    I posted an article here evaluating the usability of the iPhone for GTD. I'd be curious if anyone gets the third party GTD apps to work on the iPhone or comes up with a workable To Do list solution. (I suppose you could just create notes...)


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                      We are working on an iPhone version of Nozbe.

                      It will be a slimmed-down version of our GTD web application.

                      We are hoping to release it next week.

                      - Michael


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                        tadalist from basecamp creators

                        tadalist was just released in an iPhone format. Visit them from safari on your web browser. Login ( or create an account) and easily create and edit lists. Works well but I still want my iCal tasks to sync. Hopefully that fix will come in the next os release (or sooner).


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                          iphone mania

                          i too am crazy about my new iphone, but the fatal flaw (i hope not for long) is to find the best way to get my GTD onto the system. would love to hear best practices. thanks, all...


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                            re: Best Practices

                            The Ready-Set-Do! GTD program for the mac allows for integration with the iPhone through email.

                            Use the "Email My Action Lists" script to send your four main action lists to your iPhone email: Projects, Actionables, Waiting Fors, and Reading. Each comes as a separate email with a subject line that is time-stamped so you always know which of your lists is the most up-to-date.

                            To send and collect things from your iPhone to your GTD system on your mac, just setup the RSD Mail Rule that comes with Ready-Set-Do!. The RSD Mail Rule automatically sends attachments and new ideas you have into your RSD desktop folders.

                            Email is the best and most reliable method for keeping things current on your iPhone. And it will probably be the best and most reliable method well into the future.

                            Todd V
                            Ready-Set-Do! Creator
                            Last edited by Todd V; 07-01-2011, 10:51 PM.


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                              Omnifocus will have the ability to look at the data on your machine via a web interface optimized for iPhone.