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New GTD Add-in for Vista and Office 2007

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  • New GTD Add-in for Vista and Office 2007

    I have downloaded a trial version of this new software from Netcentrics, however I'm having problems with it. I have contacted support at Netcentrics, but I just wondered if anyone else had tried the software and got it to work?

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    I've installed it on Vista. I did have a problem initially but this had more to do with Apples latest web browser than anything else.

    What exactly is your problem? Do you see any error messages?




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      Considering downloading--what is your problem

      I am considering the new add-in as well. What type of problems are you having? Also, does the new add-in allow you to continue using the color coded categories in Outlook 2007?


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        Yes it does allow you to use the colour coded categories something which I find very useful.

        It works exactly the same as the plug-in did under XP.
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          Thanks Jason - got a solution from Netcentrics support. Very efficient and within 24 hours (due to time difference), impressive. Looking forward to getting to grips with the new new add-in. Tried one of the earlier versions some time ago and felt it wasn't that helpful to me, however my understanding of GTD has improved and I believe the software has moved on!


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            Not a problem.

            Yes the people over @ Netcentrics are very helpful, friendly and prompt (giving the time zone)

            The plug-in, for me, is something that I could NOT be without. I took the plunge to Vista really early on only to find that the plug-in wasn't supported on it. So I decided to run WindowsXP in a virtual machine JUST to use the plug-in within Outlook.

            It helps me stay within the framework.

            I do wish, however, that it did look more Outlook 2007 like anot not Outlook 2000 but you can't have everything. I'm sure they'll get around to it.

            Glad your problem is solved.


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              I agree with you re the look and feel of the add-in. Just starting to get to grips with it, but looking good so far.