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Encouraging Long-Term Org of HardDrive Contents

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  • Encouraging Long-Term Org of HardDrive Contents

    Hi Folks,

    Ever run across a piece of software so helpful that ya just have to share?

    Among the items on my someday/maybe list was "revamp hard drive for better overall organization". Once accomplished, I slowly realized that I was repeatedly shooting myself in the foot, courtesy of Win's blasted click-happiness, in terms of maneuvering to a desired folder. Determined, I went on the prowl and discovered a $20 goodie, called FileEx: Fully featured trial available.

    The screenshots you'll see at the site suggests complexity, but I promise you, once installed, it's profoundly intuitive, easy, and yes, fun to use. It's proven to be THE "killer app" in terms of MAINTAINING my e-org scheme. Hence, this FYI post.