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    For those BB users out there, any feedback/comparisons on "Nextaction!", "ToDo Matrix" or any other list management tools?
    I was happy with Nextaction on my BB8700 but it doesn't work "yet" on my new BB "Curve".


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    Pockeday Lists is worth a look:


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      I've been using Next Action on my BB Curve, and it doesn't seem to do much more than the standard task list, which has category filters. I'm tempted to give something else a try before I settle.


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        Guys definitely try Todo Matrix, I'm a registered user of both and I could not be happier with Todo Matrix, if you read on their web page some updates are coming soon that will make this app a Super Gtd monster, I can't wait myself, it works with shortcuts a well, on my 8700C its super quick


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          I tried todoMatrix and I was not happy with it; I just didn't like it

          Also NextAction! is going to get a new version: Buy NextAction! now and get NextAction! 2.0 Falcon for free!


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            When they get the Nextaction 2.0 version to work with my BB Curve, I'll buy it! So far it doesn't work!


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              Gator, you're onto something, I'm currently beta testing Next-Action 12, beta before the official release, and I'm very happy with it in all Gtd aspects. So I totally encourage you to buy it, I bough both apps a while ago, Next Action and Todo Matrix so I can tell you about both, you may want to check out my site for a more in depth review of both.